Live an
Awakened Life

Energize your path to freedom
and spiritual fulfillment

Activate the ancient power of specialized sacred fire ceremonies to uplift your consciousness, remove energetic obstacles, and honor sacred moments or people.

Connect with a vibrant community with a common vision of Awakened Humanity, where each individual is a living expression of their unique gifts.

Get “in” the path to a more fulfilling life. Explore the empowering events and online courses, community gatherings, holiday celebrations, and humanitarian projects offered around the world.

Support your well-being with products designed to help you elevate all aspects of your life—physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and environmental—and experience a more vibrant world.

Join the Movement

The time has come for a spiritual revolution. Can’t you feel the world waking up? Our old norms and ways of being no longer fit the world we wish to live in together. We created Awakened Life as a vehicle for change, a movement to help us quickly make deep, lasting changes in our lives—and in everyone else’s lives on this big beautiful planet of ours. Are you looking for ways to move past simply reacting to life? To step out of the life dictated to you by others? To consciously choose a design for your life—a life of purpose, a life of action, a life anchored in expanded awareness of Self? THIS is what Awakened Life is all about. If you’re ready to take ownership of your decisions, connect with your inner creative spiritual power, and elevate your entire being, join us.

Activate Three of Your Inner Superpowers
to Create a Life You Design

Her Holiness Sai Maa teaches how to use the power of your mind
to create success materially and spiritually.

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About Sai Maa

Her Holiness Jagadguru Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi Mishra is a living spiritual master, known around the world as a healer and humanitarian. Inspired by Sai Maa’s unique fusion of Eastern spiritual wisdom, Western therapeutic knowledge, and energetic mastery, the Awakened Life movement gives you the tools to support you on your path to living from your highest potential.

Conscious Bio Healing

In this 21-day online course designed to transform our
physicality, Maa will be working directly with us on
how to intentionally reprogram our cellular structure, guiding
our cells towards health and longevity.

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Light up the World with
Sai Maa Diksha

Sai Maa Diksha is a hands-on technique for the transference of Divine Light directly into the brain, which initiates the process of enlightenment.

Sai Maa Diksha may be offered remotely, and is an important and relevant tool for these times during the pandemic. Ways to participate:

  • Sign up to receive Sai Maa Diksha
  • Be trained to offer Diksha
  • Be part of a Diksha team offering Diksha to others around the world

Rayna Oliker - Denver, CO USA

“Awakened life is about being in a community that supports me in being fully who I am in every moment”

Ashley W.

“The value of having Maa’s Shakti [Energy] in my world, in my awareness every day for six months is tremendous. There is so much energy and support being poured into me to activate my higher mental faculties. It’s like no other program. Even though we aren’t with Maa physically, the power is really present.”

Carrie Coston - Denver CO USA

“Awakened life to me is just that, I am fully awake, I felt like before I met Her Holiness Sai Maa I was a zombie I was asleep, but through these transformative programs, through the use of the various products that Maa has created for us I am truly awake, I’m alive and I’m free and I’m so grateful for that.”

Cynthia Mischka

“Having the knowledge of how our minds work has helped me navigate the world better.”

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