A lunar eclipse is a powerful energetic time when the moon, sun, and earth are in alignment.

According to Vedic wisdom, the moon represents the mind, the sun represents the soul, and earth represents

the physical body. Therefore, when these three aspects of being are in total alignment, there is a great power

being transmitted that is available for spiritual evolution.

In addition, in the Indian philosophies/knowledge of tantra* and kundalini,** the moon represents the Ida nadi

and the sun represents the Pingala nadi. When both are in balance, energy can then flow up the Sushumna

nadi, awakening kundalini.

Therefore, the celestial bodies are aligned in a way that helps us manifest kundalini energy moving within us.

*In Tantra, life force circulates through nadis (streams). Ida is the left channel and Pingala is the right channel.

Sushumna is the central channel.

**Kundalini is latent divine feminine energy (also referred to as chi) believed to lie coiled at the base of the

spine, and considered sacred in many cultures.

Here is the traditional practice provided by the pundits in India.

  • Look up the exact lunar eclipse start and end time in your area by entering your city using this link.

  • Nine hours before the start of the lunar eclipse, begin a fast. No food is suggested, although milk and fruit areacceptable during the nine hours before the eclipse; abstaining from water is optional. Follow what works best for you.(Note: Please consult your physician if you have any questions about fasting for more than 9 hours.)

  • If possible, bathe in a large body of water (river, lake, ocean) at the exact start time of the lunar eclipse. Bathe inclothing that covers both top and bottom of the body. Bathing may be done quickly; 3 dips in the water and out. Youmay also bathe in a bathtub or shower. If you have access to a natural water source to gather water in a bottle, youmay include that in your bath or shower.

  • Next, change into dry clothing.

  • Perform japa by reciting rounds of a mantra (such as Gayatri) or given by the Guru (if you have been given one) oruse “Om Namah Shivaya” continuously during the time of the eclipse.

  • No work (job, meetings, labor, etc.) should be performed. It is a time to focus on sadhana (spiritual practice).

  • Bathe again at the exact ending time of the lunar eclipse.

  • Afterward, you may end your fast at any time.

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