The smell of sandalwood, the ringing of large brass bells, the chanting of Vedic priests all exist simultaneously during a Vedic fire ceremony. Rice and flowers are offered to a brass urn of sacred river water, while calls for peace and world enlightenment ring out through the burning flames. A symphony of sights, sounds, smells, and words, a yagya uses the gifts found on this physical earth to invoke and anchor energies of the divine.

Thousands of years ago ancient sages called rishis recited the Vedas while in a state of enlightenment, transmitting the perfection of higher dimensions through physical sounds and words. When recited aloud, the sounds activate unique powerful energies such as divine will and abundance in the grid of the planet. For those physically present during a yagya, the sounds reverberate in each cell of the body, increasing the vibration and frequency of the physical matter.

Yagyas are a science rooted in the laws of energy, enlivening energetic grids to fulfil very specific intentions. Thus at the heart of every yagya ceremony is a central intention, declared at the very beginning. Throughout the ceremony, Vedic priests recite chants and make offerings in order to anchor, energize, and activate this intention, with each chant and oblation specifically chosen for its realization. Chants and offerings to the stars, gods, goddesses, the four directions, all come together to bring victory to a specific intention.

The very flames of the yagya invoke the highest power available – the sacred fire from the womb of creation which enlightens the darkness of human miscreation by illuminating our consciousness and raising our vibration as a being of light. When priests make offerings into a physical fire, the sacred fire within each of us activates and enlivens – purifying human discord and bringing illumination into all areas of our lives. So sacred is this alchemy that Indian history is full of miracles caused by performing yagyas.

Utilizing the laws of energy, yagyas anchor and activate the higher energies of divinity throughout the grid of humanity and planet Earth. By participating in a yagya, our divine self naturally illuminates – opening and releasing limiting patterns to create the space to live as our enlightened self.

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