Mantras are the most ancient and sacred sounds, the holiest words and the highest known vibrations. Mantras humbly disguise themselves as simple tools to focus the mind during meditation.

In this audio recording, The Mantra, Her Holiness Sai Maa beautifully expresses these truths and much more; making it clear what a mantra is and how effectively it will change every aspect of your life.

Audio excerpt from “Devotion” by H.H. Sai Maa. Available for purchase online: Devotion – Digital Download

Om Jai Jai Sai Maa

I choose to answer the question, why do we need a mantra? Beloved souls, thank you for asking such a question. The first thing to ask yourself is, What is a mantra?

What is a mantra?

A mantra is a set or sets of sacred words or syllables of a divine being or name of God. Mantras are unique and very, very powerful. They are words that are infused with power, divine power. Mantras have such impact that they heal and mostly calm the mind instantly, when it is fully expressed. The more one focuses on the mantra, the more one will receive from it. A mantra is God as word, God as sound, God as vibration and as God, is our essence. When we say the mantra, we are saying the name of God consciously itself.

What are the benefits to reciting a mantra?

Using a mantra consciously, serves us to move to God, to experience God, to merge with God, this power living within us. A mantra repeated in total faith, takes us to God, to Self, allows us to embody the grace, the divine love of the mantra, and this is when we can experience God realization. Realizing God, Re-a-lize God.

How do we say a mantra?

It is very important to surrender to the mantra. Love the mantra. Love the deity with total faith and have no doubt, do not doubt. Repeat the name with full concentration so you can know who you are, so you can realize your purpose, so you can really experience your own atma, your own soul. When a mantra is given by a guru, the latter puts her/his shakti and activates the mantra. Seize this opportunity as the love of this being of light is precious. Receiving such a mantra is rare. The power of the mantra is pure shakti (Divine energy), and when you respect this mantra, the power of the shakti will serve you to its highest. Only then you can experience the grandest of yourself, the grandest of the mantra, experiencing the highest potential of the mantra.

Ask yourself the question, What am I ready to give to the mantra? Am I ready to give my devotion, my passion, my dedication, my willingness to this mantra? Are you committed to your mantra? Remember, a mantra is vibration, the formless form of God. The mantra will really bring the mind to focus on the light. Sometimes mantras are given with specific direction. I do ask you, please respect them. Practice these directions, be sincere, be willing to change, allow the mantra to transform you. Allow the mantra to transmute all energy that does not serve you anymore. Be willing to allow the mind to be enlightened by the light of the mantra. Devotion is very important; the bhakti, the devotion of the seeker is truly of great importance. In japa, in the repetition of the mantra, one may say the mantra aloud. Know that some mantras though are to be repeated silently only and some can be expressed at any moment, even as a chant. Be fully aware, be in the now moment when you say your mantra, when you repeat your japa.

How many times do I repeat a mantra?

The more you repeat the mantra, the more the mantra becomes part of you, part of your personality. You get closer and closer to the mantra. Repeat the mantra with awareness. Say your mantra as much as possible, so that the name of God is always on the tongue of your being. Be Maha Saraswati (Hindu Goddess). The mantra will give you knowledge, will activate the inner knowledge within you. Say your mantra with reverence, with devotion. The name of God always on the tongue, so that not only you do not think of something non-Divine, so you will not say something non-Divine. Until it becomes so natural for you, including your mantra in your every breath, your everyday experience, in all your activities, until the mantra is being said by itself, the own shakti of yours is being activated.

An example of how to say a mantra.

Let’s take an example. If you say Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namah Shiviya, visualize Shiva in front of you. Focus on Shiva, embrace Shiva, bring Shiva closer to you, lose yourself in Shiva, merge with Shiva. Offer everything as prasad (a divine gift) to Shiva. Devote yourself fully to Shiva. Visualize Shiva in that sphere of golden light and concentrate, focus on that. Where you get to a point, where the form of Shiva dissolves itself in this golden light and here you are in the golden light. Which by then has become a very alive light, bright, and the more you say the mantra, merge with the mantra, the light gets brighter. Merge with that light and you will realize you are that light.

The mantra gives you the love that you yearn for, the joy that you keep longing for, the peace that we are all longing for on this planet. The strength to continue your sadhana. The willingness to enjoy your sadhana (spiritual practice). This mantra when said in full respect and reverence and love, takes you to the experience of the peak of your sadhana. With the mantra you will go deeper and deeper and deeper within yourself and join the cosmic ecstasy of God as you.

In Bliss,
Your ever Maa

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