After nine days of intense sadhana, Victory Day invites us to become aware and celebrate the inner transformation that has occurred. It is the victory of Light, of Mother, and of Love. Throughout Hindu mythology, Victory Day marks when heroes, blessed by the Goddess, have vanquished foes of darkness. Let us celebrate the Light we are, the Light that is brilliantly shining after nine days of sadhana devoted to Mother Divine.

Guided Meditation

You may continue your daily practice established over these last nine days, and at the end of your practice take time to offer gratitude to yourself and all that you have received.

To experience the powerful Shakti available to all on this day, we invite you to listen to the 14 minutes guided meditation recorded by Swami Parameshwarananda.

Teachings from Sai Maa

Transformation is victory, is glory, victory of unbounded Shakti, boundless energy, tapping into the Great Intelligence, into all-knowingness, the matrix, the grid, the field, yes, certainty, totality, the law, REAL, All That Is, the Supreme energy field. This is the victory of love, the glory of God, the flame of love, that is who we are. We are to allow this love to flow. Bliss is from that love, this is freedom. Then we know this love below us, in us, around us, above us. Love only love, God only God, drinking, eating God at all times. Perfection in this physical world. Let it shine, do not hold it, allow it to radiate, it’s the Guru’s Grace, be that divine sun shining its glory. The splendor of God’s form is beyond mind or word, so let’s all in unity devote ourselves to the Divine Glory of God, of the Shakti, the desire of service, our purpose to serve for the upliftment of humanity. Are we not part of humanity? So much we receive when we give to others. This gift to others will transform our heart and God will reveal Itself; you are then given the gift of Grace. Grace all ways supports us, love all ways supports us, the Guru all ways support us.


Today, reflect on the following questions, using a journal to record your thoughts.

  • What is victory for me? Inside of me? In my life?
  • Can every day be a victory day for me? Am I willing to express the victory of love more in my daily life?
  • How can I more frequently align with this victory, and express this victory in my life?
  • How can I serve more, give without expecting to receive?

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