Om Jai Jai Sai Maa

This is a message about courage and the energy of fear. As I have said many, many times we cannot serve two masters at the same time. Courage and fear. No one can hold both energies in the conscious mind because they come from two different qualities of energy. It is one or the other. And I have to say, I will use the word dominate here, one or the other must dominate, whether it’s courage or fear of taking risk. In that, what do I mean?

You cannot have courage and live it, breath it,taste it, feel it, embody it, and do the same thing with fear; it is impossible. Or I can even say, you cannot hold them together even for one minute. You may have both at the same time for a few seconds, but not more than that. What can be very encouraging is the idea that you go for it. You can try the fear based and see what happens and try – I use the word try on purpose here – and try the courage and see what happens. You can even see whether you can have both at the same time.

The quality, the attribute, that I will say comes out of the two of them together is the energy of risk, the word risk. Start to feel the feelings of risk, take the risk of being in a phenomenal – whatever it is, maybe diet, maybe career, maybe whatever it is, doesn’t matter. Take the risk. I would not be where I am if I didn’t take the risk. Now when you take the risk, you will dare. You will want to be daring everyday of your life. You will try new experiences, speak with a change of words in your vocabulary, you will be more bold, and your goals will be in a different place.

Instead of your goal being – you know in Florida here I love making jokes on the valley of the alligators, because yes there are alligators on the road when you drive; it’s quite interesting to observe – so instead of being your goal swinging, you start to move in a place of glory because you were created, your brain is created, to succeed, to thrive, to be in the glory of you. So it awaits you.

So take the risk. That’s what the risk will do. To be in the glory of your win, your winning, that’s what the risk does. It increases your triumph. Take risk to strengthen your courage. And at the same time, it will take you to a place of, you will get to know the fear that shrinks you, that beats you. The difference for now, you will beat the fear with the force of your conviction, your personal conviction, or you may choose to understand fear and having “butterflies in your stomach” as you say in the U.S.

Step on the platform and take the dive; that’s a leap. Leap and the rest will appear, that is what I wish to say to you today. Leap and the rest will come to you. Take risks, dare to speak loud, dare to sing loud, dare to run, dare to anything, dare to whatever – make love fully, take shower enjoying every single droplet of water. Take risk.

All the best,

In Love, Light, Consciousness within the Power of Life,

I love you so.

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