Healing is an art of transformation; it is the art of the heart. It is time for everyone to be educated that all is energy. You are energy. It is the next step into higher consciousness. There is no negative or positive, but a spectrum of energy. By learning how to use energy, you can bring your consciousness from a low frequency, a state of victimization, to a higher frequency, or state of mastery.Once you understand the basic truth of energy, you are free. This is the ultimate healing and transformative tool.

See beyond the veil, or filter, of limited human consciousness, and move into that unified field of energy or quantum reality where all possibilities exist.  This is where miracles happen. With energy work we can tap into the blueprint of the original Self, before the thought of separation from God or Source occurred, and heal our guilt which is behind all pain and suffering. This is the release from the illusion of duality to the realization of one-ness. Patterns of information are stored at the cellular level as a crystalline substance. It is through the power of intention, focused like a laser beam at the cellular memory, that we can create change. Intention is how we focus using love, light and our imagination to touch these contracted areas to heal and transform them.  In so doing, we begin raising the frequency from the inside. We then practice and can learn to activate, energize, and establish these higher states of frequency, consciousness and energy.

Through utilizing your intention to create this healthy energy, you can improve the quality of your well-being and transform your life totally. In this way, using this positive energy, you can also boost and rejuvenate your nervous system. Through this energy, you can experience enthusiasm and vitality, at any age. Through energy, you can expand your consciousness, and experience unlimited amounts of love, grace, healing, inner transformation, peace, joy, and happiness.

You can take an experiential inner journey, and find even deeper levels of transformation. Through energy, you can reduce the blockages at all or many levels, known or unknown, seen or unseen. Through energy comes the power to create transformation. Experience healing ourselves as well as others through our own inner healing. A discovery of powerful insight from within us. Explore healing powers through energy, for you, your family and friends. For all challenges we go through, we will uncover solutions to lead a healthier life in healthier energy, with vitality, enthusiasm, shakti.

Be full of vibrant energy, love and light, unlimited energy, strength, power of mind to change habits. Do not wish it anymore. Through energy, use the law of attraction, law of resonance, to recreate, reprogram the richness of your own very life. Enjoy peace of mind, achievement, confidence, imagination, creativity. Tap into the supraconscious mind to know Self more, to discover and develop true potential. Dare to go towards the biggest and wildest dreams that you hold dear.

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