Intro to Dr. Adam Rizvi 

Are you ready for a Brain Boost? Dr. Adam Rizvi is taking us through 6 days of Brain Booster teachings and practices of awareness, attention, connection, rejuvenation, activation and imagination! Make sure to follow us at @saimaashakti and so you don’t miss one day of this free mini course. 

Here’s to a better brain, one day at a time!

Brain Booster Day 1 – Brain and Breath


There are so many times when moving through life that things start to become routine, mechanized, automatic. I can drive home from work without remembering a distinct moment, get ready in the morning in a haze and still come out dressed and ready on the other end. Living in this, I am living in a state that lacks full awareness of my body, my feelings, my surroundings – of myself. What if, even for a moment, I took the time and turned my attention inward? This can be as simple as focusing on the breath. What does it feel to take a few minutes just to breathe? To consciously feel the breath moving in and out, with no other distractions? How could this apply in other areas of your life, and where would you put your attention and awareness? Try it – how does your experience change?

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