Brain Booster Day 2 – Nurturing the brain 


In western culture, nutrition often refers only to the things we eat. Moving through the world, it is important to consider the things that we consume without necessarily ingesting them. Constantly “connected,” the number of souces for information is at an all time high. Notifications stream into our phones and our computers, and attention is a global commodity to be bought and sold. What if nutrition is also inclusive of the media we consume? What we watch, listen to, give our attention to affects us on a conscious level and a subconscious level. Do you feel joyful watching a horror movie? Sad watching a comedy? In general, no! Take some time this week to write down ALL the things you consume, and if you notice that putting your attention there changes your internal state. Are you feeding yourself and your brain in a way that creates what you desire?

Spend some time and journal for a few days:

  • What media am I consuming?
  • What food am i consuming?
  • What thoughts am I giving attention to?
  • What do I notice in my mood and my state of being
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