Brain Booster Day 5 – The brain as transformer 


When working with energy, we are operating in the world of the physical and the subtle at the same time. In many ancient eastern traditions, our access point to the spiritual world is in the brain, accessed through an energetic center between the eyebrows that focuses deep in the brain on an area called the Pineal Gland. Bringing light into the physical body, we can activate higher and higher frequencies, and the brain and nervous system can help to regulate these frequencies to a level that we can experience them, enjoy them, and hold them in the third dimensional world. While listening to the meditation, look at the gif below and activate the same flow of energy in you. Do you feel the higher flow of energy being regulated and managed within your own body by your nervous system?

This is a 2 minute clip of a video that has been activated by Sai Maa to bring light into the brain. Watch it and feel this same light enter your brain and body. Watch it throughout the day when you feel you need a boost!

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