The Next Level of Online Experiences is Here!
Intimate. Interactive. Impeccable.
These are just a few of the words used to describe the recent online experience of “Evolution of the New Human.”

Over the last few months we have been learning a LOT about how to offer online experiences. The recent program hosted from the Sai Maa Cafe in Japan is an example of the steps we are taking to go to the next level.

The next level of global connectedness – where every participant has a front row seat and can enjoy the opportunity of being and feeling seen by Sai Maa in the comfort of one’s own home.

This is not simply watching an online program; we are creating online interactive experiences of being part of the program!

What people are saying:
“Wow! Wow! Such an incredible program! And you have created it with such grace and attention to detail! Truly Diamond Quality! It felt like we were all in Japan with you all. And I’m deeply grateful.” ~ Sonja Fritts

“Maa’s light and love felt so profoundly! Front row seat to real transformation in my own home. Extraordinary. And add to that I can listen and watch over and over for several weeks to come! ” ~ Michael Delzer

“I was spellbound at the smooth production. I also loved knowing everyone was the same distance from everyone. It felt so much like a true manifestation of a unified field. Excellent!”
~ Tantra Matt

“This event has been amazing! It truly was virtual and the Shakti was as powerful as in-person. Having you all and Maa in my home brings the work to my life in such a beautiful way. The content was so engaging that it was quite easy to stay engaged. I look forward to the Global Unity gathering in just a few months.” ~ Aisling Sugre

“The contents of the program were amazing and experiencing Shakti and personal sessions at home was truly divine. I experienced a very relaxed body and freedom.” ~ Neera Chander

“Adding my voice to the gratitude and appreciation being expressed for the beauty of this weekend, for the many teachers and musicians, the translators, and the technology team. I didn’t know such intimacy and presence was possible on Zoom. And I don’t have words for the joy of Maa’s presence in my home and my heart.” ~ EC

“I am amazed by the quality of this Program… so well organized, precise, professional, wonderful.” ~ Claudette Poulin

Here’s a taste of the recent online, next-level event.
Enjoy the video!
Join us for our next online event – the Global Unity Gathering, December 3-6, 2020!

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