Growing the relationship with our soul transforms our daily life. We become more peaceful, loving, and confident that we belong to something far greater. As the soul is an aspect of us, we can never be disconnected from it. However, we can feel disconnected when we do not live in the awareness of this divine essence that is always within us.

To strengthen this relationship, it is helpful to develop a regular meditation practice to calm your mind and de-stress from your busy life. This is a time for us to draw our attention away from all that goes on around us and spend time listening to our inner voice, our soul.

How to Practice the Soul Meditation

In this video, join Dayanand Das as he prepares you to move beyond the physical body and connect with the subtle energy of your soul. In this meditation experience, he is then joined by Her Holiness Sai Maa who takes you deeper into that relationship.

When we have a relationship with our soul, we experience unity in this world. One of the primary roots of suffering and the reason why we need a spiritual practice is our ego trapping us in a feeling of separation. Our ego wants us to believe we are separate from other human beings, from the earth, and from the divine. This is what is referred to as the Maya or the illusion. When we begin to embody our soul, fear dissolves and the heart expands. In this space, it is possible to live in love with ourselves, with life, and with all that is, as it is.

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Learn to Practice Meditation for Your Soul – Next Steps

The best way to connect with your soul is to learn to quiet your mind and go inward. The ancient technique taught in this course will teach you how to do just that. By the end of the first 25-minute lesson, you will be able to go into a meditative state virtually effortlessly.

Your Path to Happiness, Awakening, Enlightenment
3-hour, Online Course

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