Understanding that we are more than the human body and the existence of the soul is a primary task for those on the spiritual path. Once we have a better understanding of our soul and create a strong relationship with it, we experience a more loving, peaceful and profound life.

Do We Have a Soul?

Yes, everyone has a soul. It is a ray of perfect, divine energy that has incarnated in a physical body. Our soul is the core of our being, our true essence. This soul essence is unaffected by the ups and downs of daily life, as it is in a perpetual state of love and unity. However, most are unaware of this divine essence within them and therefore do not experience the soul’s energy and presence in their life.

What is the Difference Between the Soul and the Body?

Put simply, the soul is eternal and the body is ephemeral (short-lived).

Her Holiness Sai Maa teaches that one of the ways that we limit ourselves and keep ourselves trapped in suffering is by identifying with our bodies. Given that much of our life is centered around feeding, cleaning, exercising, resting, and dressing the body, many mistakenly believe this is who they are.

What is the Difference Between Soul, Ego, and Personality?

The soul exists in a state of unity consciousness, in oneness with all that is. As the eternal within us, the soul is aware of all the experiences and lessons it has gained lifetime after lifetime.

The ego is the aspect of us that arises from the belief that we are separate. Perceiving itself as an individual and therefore separate from everything, the ego seeks to protect and defend itself. Fear and all of the energies that arise from it–such as judgment, doubt, and greed–are expressions of the ego.

The personality is composed of the beliefs, patterns, and energies that we have taken on throughout our life, primarily in our early childhood. This personality is created in response to our environment, including our parents, family, teachers, society, etc. Many of these beliefs and patterns limit our experience of true joy and deep connection with others.

Why Does the Soul Incarnate?

Sai Maa teaches that the soul incarnates for the sake of experience, as a soul can experience itself in a body on earth in a way that is unique in the universe. This opportunity to incarnate again and again is what allows the soul to evolve. It is a conscious choice made by every soul before each incarnation, and never a punishment as some may feel. However, while the soul chooses to incarnate to have the opportunity to act in alignment with its divine essence, this purpose is forgotten once incarnated. The soul’s journey is to remember and awaken to its purpose, while embodied on this earth plane.

How Do You Nourish Your Soul?

The best way to nourish your soul is to go inward, sit in stillness and activate joy, love, compassion and gratitude. These are the qualities of the soul and, by aligning with them, you will experience them more fully.

How Do You Cleanse or Heal Your Soul?

Your soul is a loving, compassionate ray from the Source of all things. Feeling oneness with it and the cosmos creates alignment. During each incarnation, your soul holds any energies that may be contracted, survival and fear-based. The soul holds these energies until we bring healing to ourselves. The soul’s desire is to support us for our highest good.

Where is the Soul?

You are the soul and the soul is you. The best place to connect is through your heart.

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Next Steps

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