How Gurus Help Heal Physical, Mental and Emotional Pain

Many people in the Western world may wonder what a guru really is, and how does a guru help, or how does a guru help to heal pain? The word “guru” is an ancient Sanskrit term that comes from the word “Gu,” meaning darkness, obscurity, a lack of clarity, and from the word “Ru,” meaning light, bringing so much light to a darkness space that the darkness can no longer continue to exist. It dispels. This is why the term guru is usually translated as “the dispeller of darkness.”

A guru’s purpose is to help bring up the darkness that lies dormant within us, below our conscious awareness, so we can become aware of and transmute it. It is this darkness, called samskaras in sanskrit, or subtle energy imprints, that lead to our challenges in life on all levels.

By bringing them to the surface, a guru can help transmute them so their negative influence is no longer affecting your life, bringing about healing on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. The guru helps to remove the darkness that obscures the light you truly are; thus the guru helps you to attain ultimate freedom.

How does Sai Maa help people to heal their suffering?

How gurus help heal painAs a master of energy and healing, Sai Maa sees your light and what impurities and distortions cover the radiance and expression of that light. She cleans, transmutes, and transforms your lower energies, and she educates you on how to do the same for yourself. Maa provides you with transformational practices and introduces you to modern tools and technologies that transform your brain, as well as your physical and subtle bodies. Sai Maa works with numerous professional disciplines and practitioners and finds whatever new or ancient offerings work individually, or in combination, to serve your self-realization. She tells you to be strong and vibrant to carry the high vibration and Shakti that you’re to express and share. In this way, you’re able to serve the transformation of humanity and the planet for global enlightenment and ascension.

In this video, Her HolinessSai Maa explains what happens when you first meet a guru/master and how the guru helps.

Programs and products for healing and achieving optimum health.

Sai Maa has created in-person programs and online courses that address a variety of topics from health and healing to meditation and energy work. Maa has also curated a variety of health products and spiritual items for you to work with.

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