What is Healthspan?

Imagine living a life that is full of vibrancy and without the challenges of aging and chronic illness where you experience life through a body and mind that work together in harmony. Past and future parts of ourselves can be healed and expressed in a richer present. And we can increase our life expectancy. This is healthspan and it is what’s possible for us now.

We’ve all been exposed to how important it is to heal the body, to shift our thoughts and care for the mind. Sai Maa’s teachings for a more vibrant healthspan combine these traditional methods of care for the mind and body with newly available forms of quantum healing done through intention with the energetic bodies. The quantum level of healing can be done in an instant and does not require hands-on approaches. Our clarified thoughts and pure intentions create transformation immediately.


How to Improve Your Healthspan

The combination of quantum healing done through intention with the energetic bodies and practical remedies to care for the physical body are redefining the average healthspan. Sai Maa herself has defied the boundaries of aging before our very eyes, showing us what an optimal healthspan can look like.

Cellular Reprogramming for Health and Longevity

Until recently, we have not had the kind of esoteric knowledge of quantum healing available to us to allow for the transformative work of changing our cells and DNA. As we harness the power of this alchemical wisdom, we can start to change the quality of our healthspan. Her Holiness Sai Maa teaches us to use our own pure intention to transform our cells, for DNA reprogramming, and to elevate the frequency of our organs. This quantum healing work catapults the mind and body into more enlightened states where we are capable of extending lifespan, living healthier, and experiencing more purpose and vitality.

Focusing on Healthspan vs Lifespan?

We are all aware of the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Even if you were not affected severely by the virus firsthand, its presence has changed the world as we know it. The acute and long-term symptoms of Covid have changed the way we look at health and well-being. With the risk to our health being so prevalent, mass consciousness is exploding with more information and interest in optimizing the immune system, health and quality of life.

Before the pandemic, persistent poor health was already a concern. In a world that encourages a fast-paced lifestyle with instant gratification as an expectation, stress levels are at an all-time high. Quality of life has suffered due to the amount of stress created to maintain these norms. Healthy aging becomes less of an option if we live in bodies burdened by cortisol, hormones produced by stress, the majority of the time. When Covid-19 came in and enhanced the risk of so many health conditions, on top of the stress-related issues already present, the focus on wellness became more of a priority.

The growing awareness of healthspan is a natural progression in human consciousness at this time. We don’t just want to be “not sick;” we want to be more alive, able to live longer, more fully, with increased stress resistance. Living longer doesn’t sound as enticing unless it’s in a happy, healthy body. That’s why healthspan and longevity must come in tandem. Turning our attention towards maximizing healthspan takes into consideration all levels of well-being and opens up the heart and mind to a new reality of being.

In the video below, Her Holiness Sai Maa takes you through a quantum healing meditation that teaches you how to use your pure intention to work with the DNA, cells and organs to begin to redesign what’s possible for your healthspan.

With these higher frequency teachings now available to us, we have the opportunity to transform our bodies into the vehicles of enlightenment that they were meant to be. We can communicate with our body’s consciousness and create a new environment for the cells, organs and DNA to thrive. Through this quantum energy work, we can experience new levels of possibility for our healthspan, designing our own health and well-being, starting with just one cell at a time.

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