How to Work with Maha Lakshmi to Create Abundance

Abundance is not a miracle – not in the sense that we might normally think of a miracle. A miracle implies it’s something special or a highly unlikely feat. Although it may feel like something that is out of reach at times, abundance is a birthright. It is a state of high frequency within each one of us. Reconnecting with these frequencies is part of the path of self-mastery, because it requires focused practice and an intentional shift in consciousness. Once we welcome our abundance, we experience freedom, expansion, joy, truth, authenticity — all the things that a guru wishes for their disciples. To aid in manifesting this life of abundance, we can activate the energy of Maha Lakshmi inside of us.

Lakshmi: A Symbol of the Abundance Within

In the Hindu tradition, the Divine comes in many different forms and aspects. Lakshmi is the Goddess of fortune, beauty, vibrant health, and prosperity – both material and spiritual wealth. Typically, she wears red clothes adorned with gold jewelry. She has four arms and hands, and each represents the four goals of human life – dharma (duty), kama (worldly desires), artha (wealth and prosperity) and moksha (liberation). Often she is depicted as having coins pour from one of her hands to signify that she is the giver of wealth and prosperity.

There are millions of Hindus and interfaith practitioners of Goddess spirituality around the globe devoted to Lakshmi and she is considered a universal Goddess.

Sai Maa Shares More About Lakshmi

The whole universe is Her form, Her Shakti (divine energy), Her power and Her Grace, which are infinite.

When one worships Maha Lakshmi, She offers us all her attributes: wealth in all forms, health, material success, Grace, Divine beauty, Divine Love, a prosperous life, freedom, liberation—moksha. This is Maha Lakshmi’s Grace.

We are to honor this Shakti (divine energy), this supreme power within us. This abundance is everywhere, in stars, in nature, in food, in bodies, and in our children. When we realize abundance is everywhere, our attitudes are immediately uplifted. Treating this abundance with reverence is our role.

~Her Holiness Sai Maa

Lakshmi and Mantra

You can align with the energy of Goddess Lakshmi through mantra. Mantras are a series of words or phrases in sanskrit that are repeated over and over as a form of prayer or during meditation. Sanskrit is an ancient language that holds an energy of very high vibration. When repeated, we activate that energy inside of ourselves. By aligning with that energy, we gain access to the unlimited abundance that is a naturally occurring source from within.

Sai Maa teaches that we are abundance, and realizing or aligning with that attribute is key to manifesting our dreams. To activate the power of Maha Lakshmi within, we can recite one of the many Lakshmi mantras, such as Om Shreem Maha Lakshmayai Namah.

You are also welcome to chant the Lakshmi Gayatri Mantra with Her Holiness Sai Maa.

Lakshmi Gayatri Mantra

Om Mahalakshmayai Cha Vidmahe
Vishnu Patnyai Cha Dheemahi
Tanno Lakshmi Prachodyaat

Lakshmi Mandala
Being devoted to the Goddess Lakshmi brings an abundance of good things in our lives. Sai Maa encourages us to go one step further and see ourselves as Lakshmi. Maa asks us to be open and free to be the consciousness of Maha Lakshmi in order to attract the abundance and profound life we desire. When we are in the state of abundance, we come closer to liberation and enlightenment.

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