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Using the 6 Mental Faculties to Manifest Abundance


Throughout our lives, we have been taught about the five physical senses – our ability to see, hear, smell, taste and touch. But rarely are we taught about the six mental faculties of the subconscious mind that we possess: imagination, intuition, perception, memory, reason and will. Her Holiness Sai Maa teaches that exploring and strengthening these mental faculties is a path to creating anything we desire, including wealth, health, relationships, adventures and even a deeper spirituality.


How does each faculty contribute to an abundant mindset?

The six faculties are: imagination, intuition, perception, memory, reason, and will. Each one is a unique ingredient in creating a life that nourishes the mind and body and fulfills the deepest yearnings of the soul. They play a key role in developing abundance consciousness, which allows us to live a life of abundance.


How do we use imagination to create abundance?

Imagination is a powerful gift we all possess. It allows us to create something out of nothing.

By using our imagination, we are empowered to bring our goals to life. In fact, when we vividly imagine something with emotional intensity, we produce the same emotional and biochemical reactions in our body as the actual experience. Concentrate on how you want to feel to teach the body what is possible and to invite in a life of abundance . One way we can use our imagination to manifest abundance in our lives is by imagining our biggest dreams.


How do we use intuition to create abundance?

Intuition is often described as a gut feeling or a subtle inner knowing that invokes a positive feeling. The more connected we are with this mental faculty, the more we can use it to make choices that align with our Higher Self and manifest things that truly serve us. Intuition is ready to serve you and offer you new information. It offers endless messages that you can use to recreate yourself and your life. By relying more on this faculty, you are strengthening your own energy of abundance.


How do we use perception to create abundance?

Our entire reality is based on our perceptions and dictates what we are aware of in our environment. We must start thinking consciously. It’s not about good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative. It’s about looking at any situation through different lenses, through different positioning, different angles, with no paradigm from outside. We can turn negative feelings into a positive mindset by seeing a situation through a new lens.


How do we use memory to create abundance?

Memories can hold us back or propel us forward, and there are more dimensions to them than just the past. You can create future memories full of feelings and information that attract that future to you. For example, writing a letter from your future self creates new perspectives and opportunities both now and in the future. This can positively influence beliefs about money, habits that create blocks to abundance, and negative emotions.


How do we use reason to create abundance?

This is the faculty that allows us to analyze, compare, and evaluate thoughts and experiences in our lives. Reason can provide discernment and clarity as to what thoughts and beliefs bring us closer to that inner knowing of abundance consciousness and what takes us farther away from it. Reason is the highest ability you are born with. It is the ability to think properly and it can take you to the higher realms.


How do we use will to create abundance?

Will is the ability to focus on one idea to the exclusion of all else. Applying the will creates sustained concentration and what we focus on, we manifest. Will helps you to concentrate on how you want to feel and manifest from that place of clear intention.

Watch Jivan Das share on using all 6 mental faculties here.

Each of the mental faculties is a way that we process and understand information and then apply that understanding to our experience. They allow us more success in activating the state of abundance that resides within. The more we know ourselves as abundance, the more natural it becomes to manifest our dreams.

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