What is The Smart Body?

The Smart Body can be thought of as an energetic entity separate from the human body that is with us constantly, like a best friend and all-knowing doctor in one. The same Smart Body travels with us from one life to the next, similar to how when we incarnate, we come in with the same soul. But it is a different energy than the Soul or Higher Self. These are each different energetic aspects that we incarnate with to help us evolve into an enlightened state of being.

The Smart Body can also be referred to as the Innate Body. These names apply to the same energetic field that is here to aid us in raising our frequency. The Smart Body works specifically with the physical body to achieve optimal health and to deprogram death, aging, and disease.

Now on planet earth, we are moving into a time where death will not exist at a point. Aging will not exist at a point. Disease will not exist at a point. I’m bringing this esoteric work to you because you are able to hold it today. The planet’s energy has shifted from an old paradigm to a new paradigm. We are in transition now. We are not in the new era yet. In this transition, you are the one who brings the signature of immortality and ascension to the planet.
~ Her Holiness Sai Maa

What Role Does the Smart Body Play in Your Life?

When you develop a relationship to your Smart Body, the opportunities are endless as to what it can do for you. It is here to serve you and help to provide you with the highest level of health so that you can enjoy your HealthSpan. When you are healthy, you can achieve the most growth and expansion in one lifetime.

The Smart Body invented death. It is the being who gives you your life span for the evolution of your spiritual growth. It decides when it’s the right time for the body to leave the planet if the physical body can no longer expand or grow due to sickness or age. There is no interest for the soul or the smart body to stay around when the physical body can no longer do the work and evolve spiritually. So it will decide to end one life and give the soul an opportunity to come back into a new body with more vibrancy to continue its spiritual evolution.

How to Communicate With Your Smart Body

You are meant to be in constant communication with your Smart Body. Because of the connection it has to us over so many lifetimes spent together, we now have the opportunity to create a very intimate relationship with it. Sai Maa suggests asking what it would like to be called or giving it a name. Make clear, specific commands for the Smart Body to work on physical conditions or issues related to your health, age, and death. You can also ask that the command is repeated continuously for a specific amount of time. Be playful and curious in the process, but also speak with humility and gratitude to your Smart Body. It is so important to have complete faith in the Smart Body once you have given a command.

An example of a command might be:

“Oh my intelligent body, deprogram all the disease from my mitochondria and reprogram them with the original perfect blueprint for my mitochondria/ mata-chondria. This command is given continuously for 24 hours. I am deeply grateful for your assistance.”

Her Holiness Sai Maa says, “Because death was created by the Smart Body, you are the one that needs to ask this being to cancel death, aging, and disease in your body. This is your job, not mine.” It is up to each one of us to make this command on a daily basis.

There is no limit to what commands you can give or how often. The more you work with the Smart Body, the stronger your faith and relationship will become.

Good Health and Enlightenment

Having access to the Smart Body allows us the unique opportunity to work towards enlightened states while being in healthier, happier bodies. The Smart Body can give us a HealthSpan that enables more growth and transformation. It is our work to keep our consciousness high and our bodies functioning at their optimal health. When we do this, we may start to deprogram the process of death and make greater leaps in consciousness within a single lifetime. The body is our vehicle for enlightenment. When it is healthy, we can hold a higher vibration, which means we can achieve higher levels of consciousness. These higher levels provide the foundation for achieving and maintaining an enlightened state while in the physical body.

As we transition into the new paradigm, Her Holiness Sai Maa is asking that we take an active role in using these never before seen tools to optimize our health, well-being, and consciousness. The Smart Body is available to us during the transition into the enlightenment of mass consciousness. Aside from our soul’s purpose of working towards enlightenment, we can also enjoy more fulfilling lives in bodies that no longer suffer from disease, aging, and dying. These are the possibilities available to us in the new era and working with the Smart Body.


To Further Your Relationship with Your Smart Body and Physical Body:

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