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What a Yagya Can Do for the Evolution of Your Soul

Her Holiness Sai Maa recently shared about the high level of spiritual work and cleansing that can be accomplished during the sacred fire ceremony called a Yagya. Sai Maa herself has used countless yagyas for Maa’s own spiritual evolution. Maa deeply encourages us all to take advantage of the power of this ancient rite to free ourselves of unconscious energies that might be blocking us or holding us back, to energize our intentions, and to amplify areas of our lives or specific projects.


What Happens for Your Soul When You Gift Yourself a Sai Maa Yagya?

When you gift yourself a yagya, you support you with you in your totality.  You also open up new ways for Maa to work with you. In the physical form, Masters are able to do energetic clearing that is not otherwise possible in their etheric forms. Also, due to free will, unless you grant specific permission, this kind of energetic clearing cannot happen. When there is consent through a yagya, Sai Maa works directly with your soul, your guides, and your higher self to remove what doesn’t serve you.

Sai Maa Yagya
I know my role with your soul… your higher self, your guides know their role,  and they listen to everything I say. Sometimes in your yagya I will ask for a special dispensation they cannot refuse, and I charm them, and it’s accepted. -Her Holiness Sai Maa

Automatically, layers of blocked energy will be dissolved with every yagya you do. Maa can work with your personal spiritual team, the Masters, and guides from past, present, and sometimes future lives. This clears out blocks in your energy from all the layers of your auric field and subtle bodies. In recent years, Sai Maa also works with the Smart Body to assist with your health and cells.

Through this work, you can experience tastes of the enlightened state. This can happen in your dreams as well as your wakened state. You can more easily go beyond the veil and experience quantum leaps and multiple dimensions of reality through the ascended body.

Listen as Her Holiness Sai Maa explains what can be done when you grant permission to work energetically with Maa through a yagya:

How to Assist with the Energetic Work of the Yagya

These experiences are not limited to just when the yagya is happening. You have access to that energy forever once a yagya has been activated for you. The higher levels of consciousness continue to unfold exponentially as you accompany the power of the yagya with your own spiritual work. Even though there is an immensity of energetic clearing accomplished in just one yagya, you must also be an active participant in your evolution and continue to utilize the power of the sacred flames.

“I have to allow you to do your part of the job or else you will never learn. You won’t have the discernment when you come back as a bodhisattva. So I cannot continuously do this work for you because you will never learn on your own and be able to do it yourself in future incarnations as light workers.” – Her Holiness Sai Maa


Tips for optimizing Your Yagya

-Rest the body while the yagya is happening so that you can enjoy the time behind the veil.

-Lie down and be completely by yourself- not even with pets. They can bother you and then you come in and out of your etheric state. Allow this time to be fully present with Sai Maa, with your soul, with your gang, and with your higher self.


How to Use the Energy After the Yagya

-Practice devotion. It is the fastest way for healing, to live in an open heart, and to move into Enlightenment.

-Be in silence regularly. Make this a habit every day even if it is only for a few minutes at a time. Take undivided time and attention to focus just on meditation, breathwork, or being in silence.

-Use Mantra in your practice with the energy of the yagya. Mantra doesn’t come from this dimension, it comes from the other side of the veil. Your yagya is full of mantras only for you. Tap into that energy by listening to the yagya or chanting mantras as part of your meditation practice.

– Rewatch the yagya or do meditations with the yagya. Play the yagya in the background during the day or put it on at night when you are sleeping.


How to Use the Yagya When You Are Triggered

With the amount of clearing energy being poured onto the planet at this time, you may find yourself easily triggered. After a yagya, this may fade somewhat, or you may be able to let go of those triggers more easily. Regardless, it’s important to note that the trigger comes to the surface to be HEALED. Once it is healed the yagya can enter this space and fill it with a higher vibration of energy.

Here are two exercises to use the power of the sacred flames to assist in clearing triggers and transmuting energy coming up to be healed.

  1. Use your breath to activate all your yagyas. Visualize the flames and ask your personality, or your humanness: “What am I holding on to even though there is no longer a root to it?” It doesn’t matter what it is, or how big or small it is. It’s energy. Bring it into your heart or put love and light into it. Use the flames of the yagya to fill that space so that further healing and expansion can occur.
  2. Nothing is real right now on this planet. If it’s real it will not change. Only that which is eternal does not change. Ask yourself if a complaint, a trigger, or an emotion is real- if it will never change. If it can change, then it’s not real. It will dissolve the moment you bring love and light into it. Do this as you invoke the flames of the yagya.


Gift Yourself the Transformation You’ve Been Wanting

Sai Maa Yagya

Gift yourself the opportunity for enhanced transformation on your birthday. The Birthday Yagya is performed to clear discordant energies and grant long life, vibrant health, and abundant wealth. The power of this gift doesn’t stop on your birthday. It is a gift to yourself that continues to unfold and that you can return to over and over to further your physical and spiritual evolution.

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