What Are the Three Domains of HealthSpan?

When we are talking about HealthSpan, we are talking about moving into radiant health for the entire span of our lives. Not just living longer, but living healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives. HealthSpan has three domains in which we can take action. They are:

  • Outer actions – such as lifestyle choices
  • Inner actions – thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and feelings
  • Quantum actions – working with our quantum DNA, raising our consciousness, communicating with the Smart Body, and other forms of energy work

As we learn to enhance each of these areas of action, we introduce the possibility of eliminating death, aging, and disease from our experience. Although we are just beginning the transition into a new paradigm of consciousness where these things are possible, even if we do not achieve those in this lifetime, we can still greatly enhance our quality of life. We can live in healthier states, create a life that we love, and experience synchronicity as a way of being.

Domain #1 – Outer Action

The first domain of HealthSpan is outer lifestyle and action. How do we eat? How do we rest? Do we exercise? What is our environment? The power of a balanced lifestyle is essential for our health. This domain encompasses all the practices and behaviors that we use to keep the physical body healthy. One foundation of good health is getting nutrients into the body and eating mindfully. The reason we use the word nutrients instead of the word food is because what we put into our mouth should be more about bringing life and nourishment into the cells. And there are a lot of foods that do not have any nutritional value. So this is one area in the Outer Domain that we can choose to take action in. With any new behavior, in any of the domains, creating consistency to form a new habit is essential. Start with one intention or goal at a time. Use your intuition to help you find that one habit to work on. Choose small steps that are manageable on a daily basis. Stack the new habit with an established habit so that it’s easier to remember to do the new one. Over time, the new habit will become second nature and not feel so forced. Then you can add in the next habit change. Here is a visual with many ideas for actions that you can take in the Outer Domain:

Listen to Lalita speaking on the importance of good habit formation for the Outer Domain:

Domain #2 – Inner Action

The inner domain of HealthSpan focuses on our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs. Although these four inner aspects are all unique, for the sake of ease we will refer to them as “thought” as we speak more about inner activity. Every single thought affects our cells – our cells are listening. And 95% of our thoughts are actually driven by the subconscious. Subconscious programs are mostly installed before the age of seven. That means the patterns and behaviors of our parents or early mentors are living in our subconscious and driving our daily actions until we consciously reprogram them. A lot of those thoughts are destructive to our health. Those beliefs have us working on autopilot for efficiency. It’s an efficient design for basic survival, but those programs are highly faulty. So our work is to look at those programs, decide which ones are faulty and limiting, dissolve them, and install new ones that will play on autopilot to keep our bodies healthy.

How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Her Holiness Sai Maa has given us many tools to transmute or replace limiting beliefs. Some examples include:

There is also so much power in just naming a belief. It does so much to diffuse it and take the power out of it. When we are aware and we can distinguish that something is just a belief, that it’s not our reality, the naming of it can free us from the power those beliefs may hold over us. In this video, Jivan Das leads us in a meditation to activate Future Memories to replace limiting beliefs.

Domain #3 – Quantum Action

The other domain of HealthSpan is quantum energy work. This refers to using Source, or any quality of divine love and energy, to activate life force and energy within our bodies, minds, and consciousness. When we activate Source energy in each cell, it moves into an organic state of vibrant health. We can use this quantum energy to take our bodies way beyond what we can even imagine. Her Holiness Sai Maa teaches us about using Quantum DNA when creating our HealthSpan. 95% of our DNA is quantum, which means only 5% make up the chemical and physical aspects that we see in our cells. By learning to work directly with quantum energy we can uplift our health and lives in ways that defy accepted rules of science and societal beliefs. In this video, Dr. Ankit describes the nature of our quantum DNA.

The 3 Domains Are a Guide to Your Enhanced HealthSpan

When we focus on our HealthSpan, we open ourselves to be in radiant health for the entire span of our lives. The three domains we have identified – Inner Action, Outer Action and Quantum Action – help us break down the vastness of our human experience into more manageable pieces. We aren’t all called to work the same way in a domain or use the same tools or treatments. Use intuitive direction from your Higher Self to discover what your body needs. A few small actions in each domain can create miraculous possibilities for healing and growth.

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