Quantum DNA and Cellular Activation

We each begin our incarnation in a physical body as a single cell. This cell is a cosmos in and of itself. In your body, this first cell is still alive. It is called the mother cell and is always present with us. This mother cell holds the perfect divine blueprint for optimal healthspan for every single cell in the body. Within each cell is also our DNA. Her Holiness Sai Maa shares teachings on how to activate the quantum realm for both the cells and the DNA. By activating the quantum realm within ourselves at a cellular level, we open our bodies and reality to the possibility of life without aging, disease, or death, as well as living in a more enlightened state of peace and emotional well-being.


What is DNA?

DNA, chemically speaking, is made up of proteins shaped like a spiral ladder that resides in the nucleus of the cell. It is the information storehouse and the building block of the cell. Although it is believed that we have unfathomable amounts of potential and information in our DNA,  the knowledge we actually have become aware of is equivalent to watching 30 seconds of a movie on Netflix. Her Holiness Sai Maa shares that less than 5% of our DNA is physically present, while the other 95% is considered to be quantum. Sai Maa also shares that DNA is a bridge from Source energy to consciousness that we must begin to awaken inside of ourselves by commanding our cells and DNA to begin to function in this way. Your DNA is designed to be a portal, or access point, to the quantum. It’s another way to be open to these new energies that exist.


What is Quantum and Quantum DNA?

Quantum, in its most simple definition, means non-local. It is part of consciousness. Quantum encompasses all the infinite potentials of multi and inter-dimensionality.  Quantum DNA is the 95% of the DNA that isn’t physical, and it acts as a portal to higher realms of consciousness and connects us to Source. Quantum DNA is part of the new paradigm we are only learning about. It is up to us to open up our cells and reality to this higher form of understanding so that we may experience our lives from the higher frequency the quantum field provides for us.

“Modern day physicists say that the amount of energy, pure quantum energy, in the space occupied by a proton, is enough to manifest an entire universe. This is how vast the quantum realm is.”
– Dr. Ankit

Watch Dr. Ankit explain how the spiral shape of DNA is what makes it such a powerful transmitter of energy.

The Power of the Spiral Shape of Our DNA

We are made of vibration. DNA is a vibration. You can feel and receive the energies from our beloved Sai Maa, scientifically and magnetically in your DNA, because its spiral shape is designed to be a transmitter and a receiver of vibration. With this transmitter hardwired inside every cell, it means that our cells are hearing us, they are listening to us – they receive our commands. Our cells receive the energy we put out in thoughts, emotions, and words. The more relaxed our nervous system is, the easier it is for the cell to take in higher vibrational energies and to heal and function at optimal levels.


Cellular Activation / Commands for the DNA

So how do we use this new paradigm of awareness in the quantum field? By commanding our cells and DNA to open to and start living with this new potential. Sai Maa uses this command to call the quantum into her cells to reprogram how they function.

Beloved cells, I ask you to activate, all of you, to the fullest of life. Stop from aging, I command you, I know you want to live! So, for that, I ask you to enlighten your consciousness. I open myself, I open all of me. I command my cells to heal! Heal! Heal! Heal! Vibrate at a higher place. Awaken your consciousness-level, cells! Live beyond the veil. Be a master of life, by starting to be a master of yourself, my dear cell. Be a master healer in coherence with life, with existence. By being a creator creating a reality for yourself.

~ Her Holiness Sai Maa

In this powerful activation, Dr. Ankit and Dr. Rachel take us through the layers of the quantum DNA and our cells to enliven the energies of Source within our bodies.


When you are connecting with the quantum DNA or activating your Divine Blueprint in the DNA, you are connecting yourself to the multi-dimensional infinite aspect of who you are. When you activate the quantum aspect of DNA in the body, you are reprogramming your cells to experience themselves as Higher Self, as Source. In that state, disease, death, and aging no longer exist. These are all tools being brought to us by Her Holiness Sai Maa to welcome in a new paradigm for human consciousness and human bodies.


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