What is Emotional Baggage and Where Does it Come From?

The origins of your emotional baggage trace back to experiences in early childhood that have shaped your behaviors, habits, and reactions to life. Her Holiness Sai Maa refers to these patterns and energies that you carry with you throughout your life as your “backpack.” The energies stuffed in the backpack come from past relationships, life experiences, and the subconscious patterns you’ve developed from them. What you store in the backpack is often a block to healthier connections with people, a more fulfilling life, and even enlightenment. By cultivating an understanding of what is in the backpack, you open up opportunities to heal the past and create new beneficial behaviors and patterns. The responsibility for this transformation lies solely in your hands. By actively engaging in practices like this that encourage self-awareness and making conscious choices, you create an entirely new way of being, moving toward a more fulfilling existence. This is the kind of clearing practice you will be doing until enlightenment.

In this video, Sai Maa demonstrates how emotions stand in the way of your relationships with other people, your soul, and enlightenment.

Give Back – Take Back: Dissolving Low Frequency Emotions that We did not Create

Emotions and feelings are energies that vibrate at specific frequencies. Emotions such as love, joy, and peace hold a higher frequency than emotions such as anger, depression, or sadness. This is easy to recognize – when you are feeling fear, anger, or grief you typically don’t feel full of energy, compared to when you feel loved and accepted. The chart below lists common emotions and their frequency. Because emotions are merely energies, you have the power to dissolve them, just like you can flip a switch and turn off the energy that lights a lamp. To transform a low frequency emotion into a higher vibrational state is possible with the Give Back – Take Back process.
Sai Maa Dissolving Emotional Baggage
Sai Maa developed the process of “Give Back – Take Back,” which involves returning emotional energy that no longer serves you to where it rightfully belongs. The energetic roots that led you to misplace your power can be eliminated through this process, but you may still need to address your behavioral patterns. The crucial step in changing these patterns is to reclaim energetically what is rightfully yours and return what doesn’t belong to you.

The Practice

Give back

When you find that you have taken on energies, behaviors, concerns, etc. that don’t belong to you, practice giving those energies back to their source. For example, you might recognize your mother was always worried while you were growing up and you have taken on that same habit of worrying. Imagine your mother in front of you and visualize grabbing the energy of worry out of your body and giving it back to your mother. Declare, inwardly or aloud, the specific energies that you are giving back. “Mom, today I give you back your worry.”

Take Back

You practice taking back your power when you become aware of parts, emotions, feelings, and energies of yourself that you have unconsciously given away in relationships. For example, you may realize that you have had to always be the peacemaker in your home growing up and therefore you’ve given your own sense of peace to your parents. Imagine your mother or father in front of you and visualize scooping that energy of peace out of your parent and placing it back inside of you, while saying, “Mom/Dad, I take back my peace.”

A Summary of the Give Back – Take Back Process

  1. Use your imagination to bring the person and his/her energy in front of you.
  2. You can visualize, speak aloud, and use gestures of grabbing the energy while you are doing give back – take back.
  3. When you feel complete with the process, allow yourself to be still for a few minutes and become aware of your energy. Observe what has shifted within you.

An Example of Give Back – Take Back

Sai Maa often speaks about carrying around a backpack of emotional junk (energy). This symbolizes the weight of old energies in the form of beliefs, old programs, patterns, habits, and emotions that no longer serve you. These include old relationships, fights with parents, problems with teachers or bosses, and being bullied – all different types of emotional baggage. When you carry around a backpack of past traumas, you carry that energy with you into all present and future relationships.

In this video, Sai Maa provides an example of resentment and how to give back a specific energy.

Dissolving Emotional Baggage When the Energy Is Our Own

As a divine being, you possess the ability to become aware of specific energies that are either serving or blocking you. You can then transmute the lower frequency energies and replace them with new higher vibrational ones that allow you to be in a more expanded state of being. For instance, worry may have aided you in childhood, convincing you that you were in control as long as you worried about a situation. It served as a survival skill to persevere when circumstances spiraled out of your grasp. Similarly, people-pleasing (subjugating your needs to someone else’s) may have earned you recognition or spared you from harm. As you transmute that emotional baggage, you embody new awareness and can take actions that reflect your healed and higher states of consciousness. Those old energies therefore no longer provide the benefits you once felt from them.

The Practice: Ending Your Relationship With an Emotional Energy

You can use this practice to end your relationship with a specific energy like being a victim, anger, or judgment, even if you aren’t sure where it comes from. Also, it’s a good practice if you just want to work with low-frequency energy directly. You simply name the energy, thank it for whatever role it’s played in your life, announce you’re ending the relationship, and send it back to its source. Remember to have compassion for the part of you that needed that energy as a way to survive. For example, you might notice that you feel depressed often. To get rid of the energy of depression, you say, “I acknowledge the depression energy that is inside of me. I am aware of it and grateful for how it has served me. Thank you depression for the role you have played in my life. Today, I end my relationship with depression and I send it back to its source.”

Summary of Practice for Ending Your Relationship with a Negative Energy

  1. Use your imagination to bring the energy to you.
  2. Acknowledge the energy, speak to it, and be grateful for how it initially served you.
  3. Thank the energy and say, “Today, I end my relationship with you and I send you back to your source.”
  4. Energy must do what you command and it will return.
  5. Now that the energy is gone, it’s created an empty space within you. Fill that space with a high vibrational frequency energy such as light, love, the violet flame. Or you can replace it with a quality pertaining to what you gave back. If you ended your relationship with depression, you might fill that space with joy.

The Practice: Bringing Energy Into Our Hearts

If the energy is a belief or pattern that is of your own making, you can use an energetic technique of bringing the emotion or issue into your heart. The heart is a powerful vortex of supreme love and can transmute any energy that is placed into it. You can also place an energy in Sai Maa’s heart, as Maa has offered her heart to you in this way if an energy feels too big to handle on your own. When you do this, instead of imagining your own heart, imagine going into Sai Maa’s heart and surrendering the emotion to her to transmute.

Summary of the Practice of Bringing Energy Into Our Hearts

  1. Use the imagination to feel the negative energy that is present inside of you.
  2. Imagine or make the motion of scooping the energy out of your body, wherever you feel it. If you can’t feel it, just visualize pulling the energy from yourself.
  3. Bring that energy or emotion into your heart. You can place your hands over your heart as you do this work.
  4. You can also put the energy into Sai Maa’s heart, as she has offered this service to us to help transmute energy that we struggle with.
  5. Witness what happens to the energy when it enters your heart. The energy is being transmuted and often dissolves or softens.

An Example of Bringing Something Into Your Heart

In any intimate relationship you’ve been in, you’ve left part of yourself there and you have taken part of this person with you. Intimate does not just mean romantic. It can be a parent, a sibling, a best friend, a coworker, a patient — anyone you develop a relationship with or that has been close to you. If you still have strong emotions around a relationship or event, then that energy is still present in the emotional backpack that you are carrying around. This could show up in your body or be projected out into your life in a variety of ways. With your heart, with compassion, with love and understanding for yourself, visualize going to that person with both hands and grabbing the bundle of energy. When you can physically go through these motions, it can help move the energy, but you can also just visualize the process. Grab this bundle of energy of yours and bring it back to yourself. That is yours. Put it in your heart.

In this video, Sai Maa explains what happens when a low frequency energy was created by you and how to bring it into your heart to dissolve the energy.

Other Practices to Help Dissolve Emotional Baggage

Pour Love and Light Into It

You can also pour light onto a negative belief or emotion to transform it. You do this by bringing the emotion into your cupped hands and pouring light from your heart onto it. The light will dissolve it completely.


There are three steps to the forgiveness process.
  1. Asking for forgiveness
  2. Forgiving someone else
  3. Forgiving yourself

Asking for Forgiveness

Most of the time, you will be working on either forgiving someone else or yourself. But the first step to the forgiveness process when forgiving someone else is to first ask for forgiveness from that person. This is done energetically. Because we are all aspects of the Divine, we are all one, and when someone harms us, we often judge them for their actions. This judgment is a form of harm towards the other person. And it’s also more harm towards ourselves. Although this can be a challenging part of the process which may require added energy clearing or support to get to this point of acceptance, it is an important step towards true forgiveness.

Forgiving Another Person

When you are practicing forgiveness towards another person, it is important to do so from a place of humility. It’s easy to feel that you were in the right for your actions and have arrogance around the situation. But it is from a place of humility that true healing and transformation can occur. You may need to do some other healing practices on your own, or give back- take back, before you feel you can work on forgiveness towards another person. That’s okay. Start where you are.
  1. Bring to mind someone who you have not been able to forgive.
  2. You can say out loud, or to yourself, “I forgive you (say the name) for hurting me. I forgive this person. (Name of person), today I forgive you.”
  3. You may become a little bit emotional. Let it happen.
  4. And now humbly you fold your hands over your heart. Bow your head a little bit. Become humble. I ask you to forgive me. End this process by saying, “I forgive myself.”
  5. You can practice this for 40 days. Even one minute a day will make a huge difference in your relationship with that person and with yourself.

Forgiveness For Yourself

Sometimes one of the hardest practices is to be forgiving toward yourself – either for how you treated yourself, how you may have acted out of ignorance, or how you may have done something to someone that was out of integrity or caused pain. The practice of forgiving yourself is the foundation of healing because we need compassion and love for ourselves before we can give it to others.
  1. Say to yourself “Today I forgive myself, as I was in ignorance.” Or “I was ignorant. I did not know better.” Because sometimes you don’t know any better or don’t have better tools, you did not know how to better handle the situation.
  2. Sometimes you do know, but do not have the strength or courage to make healthier choices or better decisions. It’s okay. Now that you know, or have more tools, take action on that knowledge and forgive yourself.
  3. Maybe you knew what you were supposed to do, or what a better option was, but you still chose an unhealthy option and now you feel guilty. You may have a hard time forgiving yourself. Be honest. Say, “Yes, I’m aware that I knew I was making a bad decision and I did it anyway. Today I choose to look at the consequences of my actions and take action steps that are more in alignment with my soul or that reflect higher levels of awareness.”
In this video Sai Maa shares how blaming others is never a good option if you want to transform your emotions.


Compassion is “love with understanding.” It is essential for healing and transmuting the energies that we are working with. You can add the energy of compassion to any of the above practices or make it a practice in and of itself.

In this video, Sai Maa explains the importance of compassion in the years to come for the transition into the new paradigm. This means compassion for others as well as for yourself.

Go inside of you. How do you feel? What do you feel? Whatever you experience always comes from inside of us, never outside. We never blame somebody else. I mean, never. This is not transformational. This is escaping. So, when you wish to be transformed, and I’m not speaking of change, but transformation, you go inside of you. Feelings are always inside of you. Everything is about you going inside of yourself. Everything. The wounds and the healing both happen inside of you.
~ Her Holiness Sai Maa
Dissolving emotional baggage is a transformational process that liberates you from low frequency energies (emotions or feelings) that are having a negative impact on your experiences and relationships. They hinder personal growth and prevent you from realizing your full potential. By embarking on a journey of self-discovery and self-reflection, you can identify and dissolve these energies and gradually replace negative thought patterns with empowering ones. Dissolving your emotional baggage requires patience, compassion, and a willingness to embrace change. It is a courageous endeavor that opens the door to a life of authenticity, empowerment, and unlimited possibilities.

Other Resources for Dissolving Emotional Baggage:

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