Higher Consciousness: The Solution to All Our Problems

Let’s talk about the problem with our problems. We feel the burden of problems in the world, our life, our society, our government, and our economic system, to name just a few places. We don’t have to look far to find issues that cause suffering and hardship. What if there is a solution though? Her Holiness Sai Maa tells us that every 28 days the cells in our bodies are transformed. Old cells die and new cells are born. How is it that we don’t change? Because the consciousness remains the same, our consciousness hasn’t shifted. This is the solution to the problems we experience in our lives. If we take a position of ownership and recognize that we created most of these issues from our consciousness, there is an opening. If we created our lives and our concurrent experience from our consciousness and collectively created our collective lives and collective reality from our consciousness, then we can shift all of these things by shifting our individual consciousness.

“You can’t solve a problem
at the same level of
consciousness that you created it.”

~ Albert Einstien

Evolution of Consciousness

We have the choice to maintain the same level of consciousness or to begin to shift to higher levels of consciousness. We can create a consciousness that comes from an expanded perspective of love, compassion, and understanding. Our destiny is in our hands! The power of our consciousness and elevated awareness creates an influence that can transform our lives. The bonus is, that as we transform our own lives, we transform the entire human collective.

To access higher states of consciousness, it is helpful to understand the origins of consciousness. In this video, Triveni Das and Shree Devi explain how we duplicated ourselves from the state of oneness so that we might love ourselves and see ourselves as Source in each other.

What is Higher Consciousness?

Higher consciousness is a transformative state of awareness that liberates the mind from the confines of limiting beliefs and conditioned patterns. As we expand our consciousness, we transcend the narrow boundaries of ego-driven thinking and tap into a profound sense of interconnectedness with all of existence. This heightened awareness and deeper understanding bring about a newfound sense of freedom and expansion.

3 Access Points to Higher Consciousness

There are 3 main points that we can use to access higher consciousness and invoke change in our lives.

1. Perception

Shifting your perspective has the remarkable ability to elevate your consciousness and transform your entire experience of life. When you intentionally explore different viewpoints, challenge ingrained beliefs, and open yourself to new possibilities, you embark on a journey of expanded, conscious awareness. The main way to start seeing things from a new angle is by questioning everything. Here is a list of questions you can ask yourself to facilitate that shift in perspective.
  1. Is this really true?
  2. Who’s saying that and what part of me is saying that?
  3. Who is looking?
  4. Who/ or what part of me is seeing that?
  5. Who am I?/ What am I?
  6. What is real or not real? Eternal or not eternal?
  7. Will this always be true?

2. Intuition

As you begin to shift your perception, the beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors that you once relied on might not be true for you anymore. You may need to cultivate new ways of living and being, which means using your intuition to guide you. Intuition is your direct connection to Source or higher wisdom. The voice of intuition may be more subtle than what you have been accustomed to hearing, as familiar habits and subconscious programming often speak the loudest inside your head. Intuition provides access to the Akash, Quantum DNA, our Higher Selves, and other higher forms of wisdom for more soul-aligned insight and direction, and conscious experiences.

This next video is on intuition, one of the six mental faculties and an important part of raising your consciousness.

3. Awareness of Here and Now

The here and now is the only thing that exists. This is where freedom happens, where we make choices, and where we might take that next step. In this state of pure presence, we can expand beyond our past limitations and open up to higher levels of consciousness. In this state, our senses become heightened, and we become acutely aware of the intricate details and nuances of our surroundings. Time seems to slow down, and a deep sense of peace and contentment envelops our being. We connect with the essence of life itself, awakening a profound sense of gratitude and reverence for the simple joys that often go unnoticed. In the here and now, we tap into the infinite potential of the present moment, unlocking a higher state of consciousness that nourishes our souls and empowers us to embrace life with unwavering clarity and purpose. A few examples of how to be present in the here and now include:
  1. Feel your body. Feel it from different places in the room.
  2. Use your breath to become fully present.
  3. Focus your attention on one sensation in the body or object in the room.
  4. Be in higher vibrational emotions like joy, play, laughing, and connection to be more present.
  5. Meditate to bring your awareness to the here and now.
Practicing the techniques of being aware of your perception, using your intuition, and being present establishes more peace in the body and nervous system, both of which are essential steps for experiencing better health and higher consciousness. In the cycle of 28 days that our cells are being remade, we have the opportunity to create shifts in our consciousness that lead to elevated health, positive changes in our actions, and greater awareness of how we use our precious time in our body. The pursuit of higher consciousness is not only transformative on an individual level, but it also has the power to ripple out and positively impact our communities and the world at large. Embracing and integrating these practices into our lives is not a luxury, but a necessity for daily life, as they have the potential to catalyze personal growth, foster collective awakening, and pave the way for a more enlightened and harmonious future.

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