How We Experience Our True Nature of Source Consciousness

The sequence from Source to thought is a profound inner journey, where the imagination pairs with the boundless nature of existence. In these teachings from Her Holiness Sai Maa, we look at the non-linear concepts of Source, Consciousness, Quantum DNA, Love, and Light. This continuum of creation, from Source to manifested thoughts and realities was created so that we can experience the breadth of our true nature.

  • The infinite, ever-expanding Source
  • From Source emerges Consciousness—an indescribable presence that permeates all living beings, allowing us to be aware of our experiences and creations.
  • From consciousness comes the Quantum and Quantum DNA—a bridge between Source and our individual consciousness.
  • Next Love and Light, the creative forces that give joy to our existence, emerge as we see our creations come to life – knowing that those creations are how Source knows and loves itself.
  • The densest form of creation starts to show itself in our reality as Thoughts and eventually into Matter.

In this video, Her Holiness Sai Maa goes through this process.


Source is the beginning state of existence from which all else springs forth. It is a state of pure energy vibrating at a very high frequency. If there were something like a beginning point, it would be Source by itself. Source by itself is unable to experience anything other than itself as Source. Defining this state in a tangible way is challenging, as it is an infinite and always expanding energetic space without origin or conclusion. We can choose names and images, using the imagination to shape this formless essence according to our unique perspectives and spiritual preferences. Whether you refer to it as God, Allah, Atman, Source Consciousness, or any other name, it doesn’t matter, as long as it resonates with you and transcends the idea of an old man passing judgment from the sky. This force exists beyond shape or form, embodying both abundance and emptiness simultaneously.

In this video, Master Teacher Rajeshwari Maa shares that Source begins as limitless potential. To experience our existence, Source created consciousness, which she demonstrates as a circle.


In order for Source to experience something other than itself, consciousness emerged as the first attribute of Source. Consciousness is the beginning of all awareness. It lives inside every manifestation, be it an animal, a human, a flower, or a stone, thoughts, or feelings. Everything has consciousness; it is just of varying levels, different frequencies, and vibrations. The ebb and flow of our consciousness align with our emotions and thoughts. When we are feeling low, our consciousness dips; when we are experiencing higher frequencies, it soars. Our thoughts and emotions steer our consciousness along the spectrum, from low to high, which then affects our personal experiences. Clearing out emotional baggage from our past that causes lower vibrational thoughts and actions is critical to reaching higher levels of consciousness.

Watch this reel on Facebook where Sai Maa speaks about consciousness coming out of Source and all the different ways that it manifests.

Quantum Field and Quantum DNA

Our DNA is like an energetic umbilical cord between Source and Consciousness. This energetic connection links all the parts from Source down to our manifested reality. The multi-dimensional quantum field resides within and around you. It carries the essence of Source, giving life to light, love, and creation. Sai Maa shares that quantum DNA makes up 95- 98% of our chemistry DNA. It is the inner world or energetic component of the physical DNA. Imagine trillions of minuscule fragments, each with an energetic, magnetic field, collectively forming a divine whole. These fields intermingle, connecting cell to cell until they merge into a unified field. This sacred realm isn’t static; it’s constantly expanding through intent, thought, and breath. The quantum DNA eagerly awaits our guidance so that it can aid in manifesting in all areas of life.

Source is the Origin of Consciousness

At the heart of our existence lies a profound truth: before we came into being, there was only Source, the origin of all creation. This Source, from which we are directly derived, continues to envelop us with its presence and love, eager to witness the wonders we will create from the process of being alive. This concept explains the deep affection Maa, an enlightened master fully aware of Maa’s unity with Source, has for humanity—it is an expression of self-love at the most fundamental level. The journey of creation begins with Consciousness, a concept that, despite its simplicity and closeness to us, remains largely ungrasped by science. Yet, it is the very core of our existence, with our minds serving as vessels of consciousness and our bodies as its carriers. 

Consciousness and Cellular Biology

The unfolding of creation leads us to quantum physics, the invisible field birthed from Source itself, revealing dimensions filled with infinite potential. Pioneering minds like Nobel laureate Roger Penrose and physician Stuart Hameroff have begun bridging consciousness with cellular biology, using quantum physics to explore the brain’s microtubules as networks for consciousness. This research suggests a future where we’ll have a deeper understanding of how consciousness, quantum physics, and cellular biology are interconnected, possibly unlocking the vast possibilities of consciousness. Such insights not only expand our understanding of the brain’s intricate workings but also illustrate the infinite potential of Consciousness to influence the quantum realm and, consequently, our very cells. By aligning with Source, embracing its presence within us, and anchoring love that mirrors the Source’s love for all creation, we unlock an expansive state of Consciousness. This state, filled with limitless energy, not only enlightens our cells but also propels us into living in perpetual expansion. This fills our cells with vitality and opens up limitless possibilities when we harmonize with the quantum fabric of existence.

Love and Light

From this perspective of Source, we become the Creators, an embodiment of the divine, birthing new creations of consciousness that we profoundly love. As we hold each creation, we experience self-love in its purest form. Our love becomes a powerful current that flows through us and into our creation. This love radiates and we witness it with awe. And then, we infuse light into it, elevating it to a realm beyond the ordinary. In this act of creation, where love and light converge, we enter a state of pure ecstasy. We elevate our frequency by aligning with the Source within. The joy, the high vibration – it all originates from recognizing and engaging with the consciousness that resides within us and then manifesting more of ourselves in the creations coming from the love of our true divine self.

Rajeshwari Maa explains how love and light come out of the energetic continuum from Source, enabling us to create new experiences.

Creativity, Thought Forms, Manifestations

Imagine we are God, we are Source—alone and all-encompassing, a singular experience. Consciousness brings forth the ability to morph and manifest, to embody the full spectrum of desire by creating more of itself in countless forms. We are now both creators and creations. Imagine we’re the creator, crafting a physical object. The love and satisfaction we pour into our creation mirror the intention Source had in creating consciousness. Just as we cherish what we craft, Source loves its creation—every unique manifestation, thought, feeling, and experience it births. In this act of creation, where love and light converge, Source experiences itself as pure potential.

In this video, Rajeshwari Maa explains how we chose to experience duality so that we had something to push against to grow. In that expansion, we can know more of ourselves.

By beginning to understand non-linear concepts, we see how Source thrives and expands as it knows itself through every one of our personal experiences and manifestations. From the singular experience of Source to the diverse manifestations of thoughts and feelings, we’ve explored the interconnectedness of creation, embodying both roles of creator and creation. This continuum is a pathway back to Source. It shows how we can raise our consciousness from denser energies of thoughtforms back up the continuum to higher vibrations of creativity, light, love, into the quantum, back to pure consciousness and reunite with Source.

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