Consciousness and the Smart Body

As interest in health and wellness continues to grow, Her Holiness Sai Maa has been focusing on the physical body so that we may improve our health and longevity. Healthspan is more than just living longer; it’s living healthier, happier, and in optimal health so that we may continue to do the work of the soul in our physical bodies. Sai Maa has brought to our awareness the teaching of the Intelligent Body, which can also be called the Smart Body. It can be used as a counterpart to Sai Maa’s teachings on consciousness. Both of these aspects respond to direct and precise commands that we give through our thoughts, intentions, and verbal cues. The Smart Body and consciousness work harmoniously together, but have separate purposes. In this article, we will look at what each perspective provides.

The Smart Body

The Smart Body deals with the domain of the physical body only. For a better understanding of what it can do and why it exists, visit the blog, Connecting with the Smart Body. We can request from it any physical changes and healing that we desire for a higher quality of life. The goal of working with this energetic aspect of ourselves is to clear dis-ease from the body so that we may enlighten our physical matter (the body), which allows it to ascend and end the cycle of death and rebirth. This process involves preparing the physical form to accommodate higher states of consciousness, increasing the ability to hold more light and love at a cellular level by resonating at a higher frequency. In these higher vibrational states, we experience vitality and optimal health.

When working with commands for the Smart Body, they are focused solely on matters of the physical body:

  • Cells (or one cell anywhere in your body)
  • DNA/ Quantum DNA
  • Organs (Heart, Kidneys, etc.)
  • Body Parts (Finger, Hair, Eyes)
  • Systems of the Body (Endocrine System, Circulatory System, etc.)
  • Specific Issues or Conditions in the Body (Candida, Tumors, etc.)

In this video, Sai Maa explains the difference between commands for the Smart Body and working with our consciousness.


Consciousness takes on many forms, including all the different life forms on this planet such as trees, animals, and all aspects of nature. In its most basic form, to be conscious means to be aware of something. When we work with consciousness in relation to the Smart Body and the process of enlightenment, we are mainly speaking of consciousness that comes from the soul, which originates from Source. This can also be called Higher Consciousness and can access far more wisdom and guidance than just the more limited consciousness of the human mind.

When working with commands to increase awareness of our consciousness, we focus on areas such as:

  • Mind
  • Emotions
  • Beliefs/ Patterns
  • Past Programming/ Subconscious programming
  • States of being/ consciousness

How do the Smart Body and Consciousness Work Together to Achieve Enlightenment?

Our bodies have the potential to live hundreds of years. However, it is not possible without raising our consciousness and enlightening the physical matter. Working with the Smart Body to enlighten the matter and with consciousness to change our inner programming becomes an alchemical process, allowing us to transcend the physical and mental effects of survival mode and embark on a path of awakening.

Fear and Love – Coming Out of Survival Mode

Fear and love are the two dominant energies that characterize life on this planet. Those lower vibrations of fear have orchestrated most of our existence up until now. Fear fuels survival mode which is triggered in the amygdala at the core of the brain. Survival mode produces extremely stressful conditions on the body, creating disease, deterioration of the mind and body, and ultimately prevents enlightenment and the ascension of matter. An extended lifespan might hinder the journey toward enlightenment if survival instincts dominate.

Sai Maa speaks about the two energies of love and fear and how fear leads us toward survival mode. In this video, Sai Maa teaches how to come out of survival mode.

What are the Best Practices for Working With the Smart Body?

Naming the Smart Body

The first thing to do is to name the Smart Body. You can do an alignment exercise that helps you to feel centered if that helps connect with your intuition. Pranayama, meditation, connecting with your heart, or breathing light into your body are examples. By naming the Smart Body, you are making it more familiar and begin to create a deeper relationship with it. When choosing a name, Sai Maa encourages us to use something that comes from nature like a tree, flower, or star. Not a human name. Sai Maa also shares that the Smart Body is feminine in nature.

Develop a Relationship with the Smart Body

Once you have created this name, begin working with your Smart Body on a regular basis. It is imperative to do this work every single day. As the cells regenerate, they need to be reprogrammed consistently so they are not recreated with old programs. This aspect of yourself that has traveled throughout lifetimes with you is willing and eager to serve you. Be clear and precise in what you request of your Smart Body, as your Smart Body may have its own ideas of what “perfect health” looks like. So take the time to get clear on your needs and desires and learn how to communicate them to your Smart Body. This is a practice and will get easier and become second nature with time.

Clearing out the Old Paradigm and Calling in the New Paradigm

Sai Maa has shared that so many of us have been doing this work, but we have not yet seen the changes we desire because we are trying to download new, higher frequency programs in our bodies while the Old Paradigm beliefs and energies haven’t yet been fully cleared from our cells. New cells are created every 28 days and the Old Paradigm is recreated within the cell, preventing the New Paradigm programs from taking root. One of the jobs of the Smart Body is to help deprogram the Old Paradigm from the cells and reprogram the cells and DNA with the New Paradigm.

What is the Old Paradigm?

The Old Paradigm is a set of beliefs and programs that humanity has lived by throughout the last yuga, or era, known as the Kali Yuga. This paradigm consists of the lower frequency thoughts that cause disease, doubt, suffering, war, and disharmony within and all around us. Its programs are in our DNA and cells, and we are engaging in compassion and heart-based work of raising our frequency to deprogram all of these aspects from our consciousness and body. This image represents the Old Paradigm.

Awakened Life Enlightening the Matter

What is the New Paradigm?

We are shifting into the Satya Yuga, a time of the Golden Age where never before seen abilities and potential are available to us. This new age of humankind guides us on an inward journey, to move within ourselves so we develop love-based qualities and attributes. As these qualities are anchored within each of us, the mass consciousness will naturally be uplifted as well because we are all connected through the network of consciousness. It is a constant practice to transmute the darker, lower-frequency energies of the Old Paradigm. When triggered, we can use the tools and practices Sai Maa has shared to transform these energies. This blog lists many practices for transmuting lower frequency emotions and energy.

Attributes and Energies of the New Paradigm
In this video, Sai Maa explains in further detail how we can embrace new human attributes that are coming out of the New Paradigm and Satya Yuga.

Commanding the Smart Body

Now that we named the Smart Body, developed a relationship with it, and cleared the Old Paradigm, we can command the Smart Body to do specific tasks. Just like any kind of clearing and esoteric work, it is a practice, it takes time, and we must use our intuition to guide us.

Basic Commands for Your Smart Body to Improve Your Health

A good place to begin is deprogramming the Old Paradigm and reprogramming the New Paradigm. When using these commands, allow time for your frequency to rise as your body adjusts to the changes taking place.

  1. I request that you, (Name of Smart Body), DEPROGRAM the Old Paradigm from my cells and DNA.
  2. I request that you, (Name of Smart Body), REPROGRAM the New Paradigm into my cells and DNA.

Choose One Cell or Organ

Focus on one cell or one organ in the body. Fill it with light and watch the light grow and expand within the cell. The light expands on its own and moves to the cells around it. Use this image as a guide when visualizing light in your cells.

“Remember your cells hear everything you think, feel, say, and do. Start having a dialogue with yourself now. “My beautiful cells, everything is okay. My divine cells, everything is okay. I am just changing your program.”
~ Her Holiness Sai Maa

You will find more commands for the Smart Body in this article: Commands For the Smart Body

Bringing Light Into All Cells With the Smart Body

  1. (Name of Smart Body), I request that you pour light into my cells, program the DNA with light, and release consciousness from my DNA.
In this video, Sai Maa talks about the importance of bringing light into the cells and the DNA. We must make a firm decision to embrace the light and bring it into our bodies to allow the potential of the New Paradigm to manifest in our reality.

Smart Body and the Subtle Bodies

Both consciousness and the Smart Body can work with the Subtle Bodies and the auric field. The Smart Body works through the physicality, but the commands we give begin in the auric field and work through the subtle bodies into the physical body. Disease begins energetically from emotions or trauma in the auric field. It doesn’t manifest in your physical body right away. It takes awhile for these energies to get into your cells. So deprogramming and reprogramming, all the Smart Body commands, and energetic clearing all take time and repetition to work through the layers of the Subtle Bodies down into the center of the physical body and into the cells.

When you work with your cells through the Smart Body, they will resonate throughout your Subtle Bodies. But it is not the job of the Smart Body to clear the Subtle Bodies or auric field. That is the job of consciousness to do that kind of work. So it is recommended to work with light and energy from a higher consciousness or Source to help clear out the energetic bodies as the Smart Body clears out the cells and physicality.

In this video, Sai Maa speaks with a participant about how the Subtle Bodies and Smart Body interact.

Regular practice with the Smart Body commands is important for seeing results. Meditation is a powerful way to train the mind and brain into being more receptive to commands and work with higher consciousness. In this meditation, Sai Maa guides us through using various energetic components of the body and consciousness for reprogramming the body into optimal health and well-being.

By using both our consciousness and our Smart Body, we are able to enlighten the physical matter with the Smart Body and enlighten the energetic state and inner programming with our consciousness. Combine these two powerful tools with the grace of the Guru, your own spiritual team of light beings, and your mental faculties and you have a partnership with the divine, providing esoteric guidance that can be called upon to transform every aspect of your life.

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