Working With the Smart Body

The Smart Body, or Intelligent Body, is an energetic aspect of ourselves that, like the soul, has traveled through lifetimes with us. It is willing and excited to serve us. Due to our own free will, it cannot intervene on our behalf, so we must ask it to do things for us by making requests of how it can heal the body, enlighten the cells and organs, and release higher levels of consciousness from the DNA. Her Holiness Sai Maa has introduced the Smart Body to us in her HealthSpan programs and encourages us to work with it consistently. Our health and longevity are paramount to enlightenment and ascension work. The Smart Body can help enlighten the matter of our physicality so that we may reach higher levels of consciousness and live fuller happier lives.

Sai Maa explains how to start by working with one cell at a time – one cell from one organ. Let the light do the work as the commands with that one cell expand outwards to the other cells.

Sai Maa shares in the video: “Before you go into deep meditation, ask your Smart Body to show you what you have been and what kind of medicine you have used in the past and what kind of shaman or healer you have been. You have been EVERYTHING. You will see it and then you will realize you have so much knowledge.”

Naming the Smart Body

The first thing to do is to name the Smart Body. You can do an alignment exercise that is centering if that helps connect with your intuition. Pranayama, meditation, connecting with your heart, or breathing light into your body are examples. Tap into heart and intuition instead of letting the mind choose a name. By naming the Smart Body you are making it more familiar and begin to create a deeper relationship with it. When choosing a name, Sai Maa encourages us to use something that comes from nature like a tree, flower, or star; not a human name. Sai Maa also has shared that the Smart Body is feminine in nature.

How Do You Create Commands for the Smart Body?

Now that we have a name for the Smart Body and understand its role, we can give it specific tasks to do. Be very clear and precise in what you request of your Smart Body, as it may have its own ideas of what “perfect health” looks like. Take the time to get clear on your needs and desires and learn how to communicate them to your Smart Body. This is a practice and will get easier and become second nature with time.

Commands for the Smart Body to Enlighten the Matter

Commands for Raising Your Frequency, Deprogramming, and Reprogramming
It is very important to deprogram the old paradigm before doing any other clearing work. Deprogram the Old Paradigm and reprogram the New Paradigm. When using these commands, allow time for your frequency to rise as your body adjusts to the changes taking place. 

  • I request that you DEPROGRAM the old paradigm from my cells and DNA.
  • I request that you REPROGRAM the new paradigm into my cells and DNA.
  • I request that my Smart Body deprogram all disease from (cell or organ) and reprogram with the original perfect blueprint, and do this continuously.
  • I request that you deprogram death, aging, and dis-ease from my cells and DNA and reprogram perfect health, youthfulness, and longevity.


Esoteric Commands for the Smart Body:

  • I request that you bring light into the cells and activate the quantum DNA.
  • I request that you pour light into my cells, program the DNA with light, and release consciousness from my DNA.
  • I request that you pour light into the chakras.
  • I request that you pour light into the subtle bodies.
  • My beautiful cells, everything is okay. My divine cells, everything is okay. I am just changing your program.
  • I request to activate the flower of life in my cells.

Commands for Organs, Cells, Tissues, and Systems in the Body:

  • I request that you illuminate (choose one organ). Bathe this organ in consciousness, in light, in grace, in strength, and in elegance.
  • I request that you work with my cells and my chemistry DNA, with my brain, and with all the organs of the body.
  • I request that you regenerate the organs of the body and the tissue of each organ. Do it through the quantum DNA to release the perfection.
  • I request that you regenerate the glands and the endocrine system and balance the hormones.
  • I request that liquid light goes into the body, bathing my organs, my glands, and my nervous system.
  • I request that you nourish the nervous system with light.
  • I request that you awaken the life force in my cells.
  • I request that love and light be poured into the memory of the cell to transmute whatever memory is stuck in the cell that no longer serves me.
  • I request that you take care of my brain continuously, even when sleeping.
  • I request that (any disharmonious or damaged aspect of my (brain, body, organ, etc.) be continually healed and restored to its perfect original blueprint.
  • Oh my intelligent body, deprogram all disease from my mitochondria and reprogram with the original perfect blueprint for my mitochondria and do this continuously.
  • I deprogram disease and any toxins from my kidneys and I invoke the natural beautiful blueprint for my kidneys.
  • Oh my intelligent body, I ask that you transmute toxins, pesticides, heavy metals, anything that shouldn’t be there, from this physical body and replace it with the original perfect blueprint for the body. And I ask that this command is given continuously.
  • I command my intelligent body to transmute all disease and all the negative emotions of depression, anger, and resentment from my liver, and reprogram it with the original divine blueprint of my liver.
  • I request that the cells digest this food in the highest and most efficient way possible so that all nutrients are used by the body and all non-serving ingredients are released from the body without any negative effects.
  • I request to deprogram all dis-ease from my amygdala and limbic system and reprogram them with the original blueprint of my limbic system and receive this command continuously.
  • I request that light spread down the spinal cord through all the nerves.
  • I request that the lymphatic system be healed and light be released from all the cells in the lymph nodes.

Requests for the DNA:

  • Ask your DNA to release the highest energy for the body, the subtle bodies, the chakras, and the mind, so that you can one day enjoy the supra mind.
  • Ask your DNA to release the quantum energy into the cells of your body, joyously.
  • Ask that all your cells, the trillions of cells, receive this quantum light consciousness from your DNA.
  • Ask your DNA to release the life force of Source to go into your mitochondria to give you the amount of electricity, of energy to support your mitochondria, so you can be full of and filled with life force, elegance, strength, power, power of life.
  • Purity, clarity, elegance, knowledge, wisdom – it’s all in your quantum DNA.
  • Request that the light flow into each cell from the expression of DNA to RNA to protein. Let that light radiate out from the DNA, expressing its perfection and feeling the light in the nucleus of the cell. Feeling that light as it spreads out through the cell, breathe that light in yourself. Breathe that light into the mitochondria, the powerhouse of energy in the cell, allowing each cell to use that breath to fulfill its purpose.

In this video, Sai Maa shares commands that show the Smart Body how to work with the Mother Cell in each organ. The Mother Cell is the original cell of every single organ in the body. In esoteric context, the Mother Cell is often used to represent a source or origin of creative energy. All other cells rise out of the Mother Cell.

Commands for the Mother Cell:

  • Call forth the mother cell of the organs of the body, choosing one organ so that you can experience the mother cell in that organ.
  • Beloved mother cell, expand your consciousness in the (specific organ).
  • Beloved mother cell, the cosmos within each cell, breathe the Flower of Life consciously into the mother cell, the original cell that holds that perfect imprint. Breathe the Flower of Life into this divine self, into our body, into ourselves.
  • A special request that Sai Maa says to Maa’s cells – say this to the mother cell so that it goes to all of your cells:
    “Beloved cells, I ask you to activate. All of you. To the fullest of life. Stop from aging. I know that you want to live! So for that, I ask you to enlighten your consciousness. I open myself, I open all of me. Cells, heal! Heal! Heal! Vibrate to a higher place. Awaken your consciousness-level cells. Live beyond the veil. Be a master of life by being masters yourself, my dear cell. Be a master healer, in coherence with life and with existence. By being a creator creating a reality for yourself.”

How Sai Maa Commands the Smart Body

This is an example of what Sai Maa uses when talking to the Intelligent Body.

Source, beloved cells, I ask you to activate all of you to the fullest of life. Stop from aging, I command you. I know how you want to live. I ask you to enlighten your Consciousness. I open myself, I open all of me. Cells heal, heal, heal! Vibrate to a higher place! Awaken your consciousness. And I say to you cells, live beyond the veil. Be a master of life by being a master of yourself. My dear self, be a Master Healer in coherence with life, in connection with existence. Be a creator, creating a reality for yourself. Offer that to your mother.

Offer these commands to the mother cell. When you command your mother cell, it automatically goes to all of your other cells.


The Smart Body is a vital companion in our journey of personal evolution and holistic well-being. Much like a steadfast friend and an advanced healer combined into one, the Smart Body is an enduring energetic companion that accompanies us across lifetimes, operating in tandem with our soul and Higher Self. It enthusiastically aids our physical body in achieving optimal health and vitality, while also working to dismantle old paradigm programs such as aging, disease, and death. Just as our work towards enlightenment involves the integration of different aspects of our being, the Smart Body collaborates with our specific requests. We’re invited to engage with the Smart Body, creating a relationship that supports our health, longevity, and ultimately aids in the enlightenment process. As we partner with the power of the Smart Body, we embrace the opportunity to illuminate our physicality, transcend limitations, and create lives imbued with deeper meaning and joy.

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