What is the Spiritual Significance of the Veil?

The veil refers to an energetic layer between our physical reality and the spiritual realm. The veil is also symbolic of Maya or illusion, separating the physical reality that we know of from the spiritual dimension that is our true nature. Although it is commonly thought of as a division outside of us, the veil is actually located inside of us. Therefore the work to pierce the veil is done internally. We must go beyond this invisible energetic veil, beyond ordinary human perception, using higher consciousness and our imagination to access this divine space. Beyond the Veil is a deeper layer of existence, a sacred domain where truths, divine beings, and profound wisdom reside. It signifies the recognition that there is more to life than what meets the eye and invites us to explore the transcendent aspects of our life journey. By going beyond the veil, we can connect with our inner selves, divine energies, and higher aspects of consciousness, ultimately enhancing spiritual growth and a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all things.

In this video, Her Holiness Sai Maa provides a visual demonstration of the veil with the movie “Valerian and The City of a Thousand Planets,“ and explains how we can move beyond it to access greater spiritual awareness and connect with the divine.

The Veil and Separation

During our existence on Earth, as multi-dimensional beings interconnected through the quantum field, we had to create a “veil of forgetfulness” to experience choice and free will. This veil allowed us to forget our innate knowledge and experience something new by making choices based on limited awareness. We embarked upon this earthly journey through the veil, entering a realm of duality where the illusion of separation was born. This alternate reality, characterized by dualities such as good and bad, hot and cold, was created to facilitate learning and expansion. But it also brought about a sense of contraction and limitation. It is through these lower frequencies that we experience other versions of ourselves in the physical form and can know all aspects of existence. When we experience suffering, we seek out our true nature as love to find peace and healing, coming full circle back to knowing ourselves as Source.

In this video, Rajeshwari Maa explains how the veil creates the illusion of separation and duality. This was an intentional choice so that, as extensions of Source, we could experience ourselves AS Source, which is our true nature.

The Veil and the Ego

The ego serves as our interface for experiencing life on Earth, but is deeply entangled with the concept of the spiritual veil—an energetic divider obscuring our connection to higher selves and the divine. Through ego and our five senses, we engage with the physical world, yet the spiritual veil often hinders our recognition of the interconnectedness of all existence. Although separate, the two are intertwined aspects of the human experience, both contributing to the perception of separation and limitations.

At this pivotal moment in Earth’s evolution, marked by increasing light and higher consciousness, we have more tools available to transcend limitations created by the ego and pierce the veil of separation. By embracing the truth and the light within ourselves, we can align with the remarkable shift that is occurring in human history. Now, more than ever, on planet Earth Sai Maa is encouraging us to transcend both ego and the spiritual veil to rediscover our interconnectedness with all of existence.

In this next video, Rajeshwari Maa explains the concept of the ego and its role in our spiritual journey. Similar to the veil, the ego contributes to the perception of separation and limitation, often stemming from our past choices, beliefs, and perceptions.

The Veil, Spiritual Awakening, and Higher Consciousness

The veil represents a barrier that separates two distinct states of awareness or existence and is a symbol that relates to human consciousness and spiritual awakening. On the side of illusion, we experience duality and separation, leading to concepts of individuality and suffering. On the other side, we experience enlightened states of consciousness where limitations dissolve. This higher state can be achieved through practices like meditation, connecting with nature, or even physical intimacy. By cultivating higher consciousness within ourselves, we can transcend the lower frequency of duality and live a life marked by synchronicity, unity, and connection without leaving our physical bodies.

Piercing the Veil
“It doesn’t need to be this grand event for you to experience going through the veil. It can show up in the smallest and the littlest ways and yet it is magic. I think this is what draws us to Maa. Maa has the capacity to elevate our consciousness to support us to remember who we are. When we do that, all the things we strive for in life become kind of silly in some ways, because we found the juice, we found the gold or the diamonds, we found that Ultimate Bliss of who we are.”
– Triveni Das Maharaj
In this video, Triveni Das shares more about his experiences going beyond the veil and how it is both amazing and also very natural to be in that state. For him, piercing through the veil provided serenity and joy and the absence of suffering.

Practices that Help Us Pierce the Veil

Raise Your Vibration, Pierce the Veil

How do we pierce through the veil and access higher realms? Her Holiness Sai Maa provides a direct way to experience the other side of the veil. Raise your vibration by going into the heart, become aware of the veil through the imagination faculty, and visualize stepping through and noticing what you experience. Although sustaining that state requires openness, intention, and practice, it does not have to be a complicated process. As we experience moments of higher knowing or deeper awareness, we move through the veil and are able to have experiences in higher states of consciousness.

Below are examples of additional practices that help raise our vibration and lead us through the veil. They are helpful methods for quieting the mind and enhancing our frequency.

  • Meditation allows us to quiet the mind, cultivate inner stillness, and open ourselves to higher realms of existence. Through meditation, we can tap into our inner wisdom, access spiritual guidance, and experience profound states of peace and unity.
  • Rituals and ceremonies create sacred spaces and invite divine energies to flow through us. These practices can include prayer, chanting, energy healing, and aarti, and connecting with nature.
  • Self-reflection, contemplation, and introspection help us uncover our true selves and connect with the underlying essence of our being.
  • Love, compassion, and gratitude are when we open our hearts to the divine and invite transformative spiritual experiences that transcend the limitations of the material world and our capacity for higher vibrational experiences and actions expands exponentially.
  • Mental Faculties of perception, intuition, and imagination allow us to maximize the potential of the mind and experience realities outside of the veil.

Consistent esoteric practices, connecting with higher forms of consciousness, and developing a relationship with the Divine, allow us to venture beyond the veil and explore the depths of our spiritual nature.

The Veil represents the separation between our physical reality and the spiritual realm, symbolizing Maya or illusion, and challenging our perception of oneness consciousness and the Divine. Through dedicated spiritual practices, we can pierce this energetic division and gain access to the sacred realm, where divine wisdom awaits. Those higher states are already present, it is up to us to make consistent contact with those aspects of ourselves. We must decide to connect with the realm on the other side, to pierce the veil on a regular basis so that it becomes second nature to have our awareness in oneness consciousness. When we step through the Veil and all the illusions it creates, we unlock new awareness and higher levels of consciousness. This provides a heightened understanding of our interconnectedness with all of existence, ultimately revealing our true nature.
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