What is the New Paradigm?

In today’s rapidly changing world, we often find ourselves at the cusp of something new. A new era, a new way of thinking, and a new energy are all shaping our existence. Her Holiness Sai Maa has given us the message that we are in the New Paradigm. It’s not just a reset of something old; it’s entirely new and it’s already here. But what does it mean to embody this new paradigm, and how do we shift our mindset from the old ways of thinking to the new? The most significant things that we can do are change our perception and consistently bring our focus back to new paradigm qualities. We will explore both of these practices throughout the blog, but first, let’s look at what a paradigm is.

In this video, master teachers David Cunningham and Becky Morrison discuss the concept of a new paradigm. David emphasizes that we are already in this new paradigm and that there is no need to strive to enter it; we are here. The new paradigm involves new energies on the planet, and it is not a reset, but an entirely novel existence.

Paradigms and Perception

A paradigm is a multitude of habits and thought patterns residing in the subconscious mind, which, in turn, shape our perceptions and responses to life. When our paradigm shifts, it’s as if we can view the world and our personal experiences through a new lens. A paradigm shift is not merely about changing behavior, but rather shifting our perception and awareness. This change in perception can transform the way we respond to life and, consequently, our life itself. By embracing the New Paradigm, that means we must reprogram our brains from Old Paradigm thinking. Changing from one paradigm to the next can feel disruptive and chaotic. It’s okay; this is part of the process of elevating our consciousness.

In this video, Triveni Das shares his personal experiences and reflections on the profound shifts in perception that occur throughout our lives. We are invited to examine our own lives, identify areas of limitation, and consider the courage required to break free from societal expectations. The journey in a new paradigm is an ongoing process, encouraging us to awaken to the possibilities of a more expansive and liberated way of living.

Living in the Memory of the Old Paradigm

The memory of the old paradigm often manifests as specific qualities or behaviors creating a sense of contraction and restriction. Not only are they in our thoughts and feelings, but they reside in our cells too. Examples of these traits might include a duality mindset, self-criticism, a lack of self-acceptance and self-love, a shortage of compassion, or polarized political views. When they surface, they indicate that we’ve reverted to old ways of thinking and perceiving. Although the new paradigm is here, we may feel trapped in repetitive cycles of thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve us. It’s essential to use awareness to recognize when we’re in that state. Awareness interrupts the cycle so that we can welcome, accept, and transmute old energies, and then put our focus back on qualities of the new paradigm. A simple example of slipping back into the old paradigm is when visiting a familiar place, we anticipate a repetitive experience, expecting more of what we’ve already lived. In the new paradigm, we have the opportunity to greet each moment without expectation and a fresh perspective, to allow for more expansive experiences.

What Does the Shift From the Old Paradigm to the New Paradigm Feel Like?

The new paradigm represents an opportunity for a shift in consciousness. It’s important to note that even though this shift occurs, it doesn’t mean we’ll never experience negative emotions or aspects of the old paradigm, such as anger, guilt, shame, or self-criticism. These feelings may still arise in our daily lives because the memory of the old paradigm is still present. Shifting our focus over to new paradigm qualities can feel very disruptive. It’s not that the new paradigm makes everything easy. Making that shift requires courage. It requires looking at what is coming up from the subconscious and the unconscious. And it takes discipline and strength to keep welcoming and accepting the old beliefs that surface in order to transmute them.

We have been perceiving ourselves as this physical body, with a name, and beliefs that we attach to. Sai Maa has shown us that a shift in perspective is possible so that we can experience ourselves as a being of light. We no longer need to relate to ourselves as the identity we’ve created with the mind. We can now perceive ourselves through the qualities of the new paradigm, such as light, love, compassion, and joy. Declaring, “Who I am is…light, love, etc,” is a significant action step for anchoring the new paradigm in our reality. The invitation is to realize that there is something different possible in the new paradigm, which can be accessed by shifting our perception. We can experience a consistent change in focus by choosing to be loyal to higher-frequency emotions and beliefs and embodying qualities associated with the new paradigm.

Watch in this next video how Becky Morrison and David Cunningham explore working with the newfound energies on our planet, sharing personal journeys of shifting perception and actively engaging with these energies. Drawing from early experiences of being worked by the energy to later realizing the ability to consciously work with it, both teachers share how we are tapping into a secret realm of energy that many are unaware of.

How Do We Shift Our Perception?

Sai Maa teaches extensively on methods to shift perception. The cornerstone of living effectively in a new paradigm and shifting perception means identifying and transmuting old beliefs to make room for new, higher vibrational beliefs. This work heals past trauma, expands our consciousness, and provides the space for us to transform into a life that expresses the true nature of who we are. We have discussed specific practices in the blogs: Clearing Out the Back Pack: Dissolving Emotional Baggage and Fight, Flight, or Heal?

Here are some additional suggestions to aid in shifting perception.

  • Be loyal to your light and your soul and the qualities that align with both.
  • Practice becoming aware so that you can catch yourself when you are in the memory of the old paradigm.
  • Make the decision to focus on new paradigm Attributes.
  • Practice relaxation techniques so that your nervous system stays calm and the work is easier.
  • Trust yourself – don’t rely on what other people tell you because you don’t know what their reality is or the quality of their thoughts.
  • Work with the Smart Body to enlighten the matter.

“Loyalty. Loyal to what you are. Loyal to your soul. Loyal to your light. Loyal to your consciousness. Loyal.” ~ Her Holiness Sai Maa

Her Holiness Sai Maa delves into the exploration of perception and self-awareness, guiding us on a journey to embrace the often overlooked aspects of ourselves. The discussion begins with the acknowledgment of the need to develop consciousness and understanding of our own inherent light. Sai Maa then guides us to look at our perception of ourselves, particularly focusing on qualities or attributes that we tend to resist or suppress.

Relax and Allow

In this new paradigm, the need for frantic activity and constant “doing” is counterproductive. Sometimes, it’s far more productive to take a step back, breathe, and relax. Action remains a key component; it’s not about doing less or avoiding action altogether. Rather, we can take action from a new perspective, a paradigm that encourages us to let go of control and be open to receive. We can allow the new energy to take the lead, and embrace the unexpected, rather than rigidly controlling every detail. After taking an action, doing energetic or detachment work, or transmuting old energy, the next step is to relax and allow ourselves to be receptive. Our job involves a shift from striving to allowing, recognizing that forcing things doesn’t often yield the best results. If we are present and receptive, energies can flow through us and grace can lead the way. It’s about more than just physical relaxation; it’s about a deep, system-wide ease, a state of being, that opens us to the gifts of the universe. Calming the nervous system with the breath, being present, and allowing gives us access to outcomes we may not have even been able to imagine from the lower frequency of stress and disease.

“We are in the new paradigm. There isn’t anything you need to do. There isn’t anything you need to perform. It’s just – take a breath and relax.” – Doug Fisher

In this video, master teachers Lucinda Hanover and Doug Fisher both share different stories of how powerful it is to relax to shift your perception. They emphasize the relief that comes with letting go of the need to perform or do. They acknowledge the challenge of relaxation and share how breathing and relaxation are key components in anchoring the new paradigm energies.

Global Perspective on the New Paradigm

But what about the world at large? Are world events that seem to be in turmoil indicative of an old paradigm? The answer is still no. Everything happening in the universe is new. New energies are at play, and nothing is a mere reset of the past. What matters is how we perceive these events and how we respond to them. While current global events may appear challenging and chaotic, they are occurring within the context of the new paradigm. We are asked to recognize this fact and shift our perception to align with the new energies and possibilities that this paradigm offers. This new paradigm energy is transformational and is the key to many of the world challenges we see playing out before us. It is important to be in a state of love and support for all those involved in any war or conflict, without judgment of either side. This change begins on an individual level, with each of us doing this work and healing the war within ourselves so that we may be the light everywhere we go.

Journaling and Awareness Exercises

  1. How do you respond emotionally to life? What feelings are coming up as you respond to life? How do you respond to your actions in life?
  2. Ask yourself what you are seeing when you look at another person. What thoughts am I experiencing when I interact with another person? What emotions and feelings come up?
  3. “What are some of the things you do routinely and what do you see newly about them in the new paradigm?”
  4. Practice being intentional in how you look or observe a situation, person, place, thing, emotion, or feeling.
  5. Look for opportunities to have gratitude for the things you are putting your focus on. Use this as an opportunity to see everyone, including yourself, as Sai Maa. See the opportunity for compassion.
  6. How are you perceiving yourself most of the time? What comes up when you think of that? How can you perceive yourself differently?
Embodying the new paradigm means recognizing that we are already in it. We don’t need to “get into” it; we are here. The memory of the old paradigm is what keeps us tethered to outdated beliefs and behaviors. However, it is within our power to break free from this memory and fully embrace the new energies and possibilities that the new paradigm offers. As we navigate our daily lives, it’s essential to pay attention to those moments when we find ourselves falling back into old patterns. By acknowledging this and consciously shifting our perception, we can truly embrace the new paradigm and the positive changes it can bring to our lives. The power to transform our world lies within us, and it starts with a shift in our perception.
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