Embracing the New You From Within

As we open ourselves up to new beginnings, we will have to transform comfortable patterns into intentions that resonate with the highest frequencies of our being. This isn’t about choosing goals as a reaction to our current state, but about envisioning and creating with purpose and designing a future that reflects an alignment with our soul. Studying with Her Holiness Sai Maa, we have worked to shed layers of old beliefs and traits to reveal new perspectives based on light and love. From this higher awareness, we can discern whether our life’s design stems from the encouragement of our soul or the familiar conditions of our personality. We are being called to align with our soul, using intent, imagination, and future memories. We’re not just moving forward, we are embracing a relationship with our innermost selves that transcends duality and can manifest in our reality as an authentic and vibrant life expression.

Creating from a New Paradigm: The Three Aspects of Intentionality

At the heart of intentional creation, we’re called to design our lives from the soul, not the personality. This means shedding the layers of patterns, beliefs, and conditioning that no longer serve us, and stepping boldly into a new paradigm of being. We are invited to start fresh, not just with a new chapter, but with a blank book. We do this with three main tools: Intention, Imagination, and Future Memories. As we embody our intentions, walking as the soul into the new realities, we’re asked to embrace ourselves as beings of love and light. When we actualize these divine qualities and use the aspects of intentionality, we are helping to anchor the New Paradigm in the collective consciousness, as well as our individual experience.

What is Intentionality?

Intention is the seed from which our future grows. It’s not merely a thought or a wish; it’s a vibrational energy infused with feeling and purpose. We are here, in these bodies, with unique dreams to experience the joy of our own creations and personal growth. Our intentions, dreams, and goals are born from a place where the soul recognizes our personal capabilities. We can align with that inner pulse of creation resonating deeply within our being and listen to what the soul is calling us to experience.

The true nature of intent is an awakening within—a realization that the act of creation is a source of joy in itself, independent of any external need to change or rectify our current circumstances. It’s about recognizing that our goals, such as embracing abundance consciousness or cultivating vibrant health, do not need to stem from a sense of lack or dissatisfaction. Instead, they can arise from the possibility of joyfully creating because we possess the knowledge and means to manifest these desires in our physical existence. Intention is a compelling inner force, an impulse guided by specific energy and emotion, requiring exploration from a higher state of being. Intent is more than a mental construct; it’s an opportunity that provides a dialogue between our physical being and our soul’s deepest yearnings, inviting us to create with purpose and passion.

In this video, we look at creative intent and the pure joy of bringing something into being for the sheer pleasure of it. Shree Devi shares a powerful insight on intentionality—setting life goals, not out of necessity, but from a place of abundance and vibrancy.

Unleashing the Imagination – The Canvas of Our Reality

Our imagination is a tremendous power that lies within us to create images and to see beyond our current reality. When we allow ourselves to imagine life outside of our known world, our reality expands to include these new possibilities. Imagination isn’t confined to what we know; it allows us to envision a life filled with joy, relaxation, intentionality, and creativity. As we tap into this power, we begin to move into the images we create, shaping our reality from the perspective of our deepest desires. ​​Imagination liberates us from perceived limits, allowing us to envision life beyond its current scope. By engaging this power, we question the confines of our existence, inviting expansive new possibilities into the reality we experience. It’s a transformative tool that propels into shaping a life infused with grace, joy and creativity. This act of imagination is a conscious decision, an awakening, and an actualizing of the soul’s grace, urging us to construct and embody the boundless realms of our true potential. Through this process, we’re not merely imagining; we’re actively creating a new paradigm for ourselves, one that honors the divine intent and the joy of soulful creation.

Watch in this next video as Triveni shares the limitless potential of the imagination, where we explore the concept of seeing beyond the confines of your current reality. Learn how to use imagination not just as a mental exercise, but as a transformative tool to expand your life and experiences.

Crafting Divine Goals With Future Memories

Future memories invite us to envision our goals with the same clarity and detail as we recall past events. We’re encouraged to imagine our future moments with such specificity that we can see what we’re wearing, feel the emotions, and experience the joy, just as vividly as a cherished childhood memory. These future memories are not airy fantasies; they are blueprints of the life we’re actively designing, as real and tangible as our past experiences.

The concept of ‘future memories’ invites us to give our future the same vividness we attribute to our past. Just as we can recall such specific emotions and details from the past, we can also construct future memories with equal clarity. This practice of envisioning future memories shapes our divine goals, infusing them with qualities that allow us to make an emotional connection to them. Positive emotions and connections help manifest experience more effectively. It’s natural for this process to bring up doubts and the inner voices that question our worthiness or capability. Yet, the more we create future memories from a high vibrational state, the more we learn to let these doubts pass through us. We see the fears and doubts that surface as old beliefs or limitations and can choose whether to engage with them or ask the light to come in and transmute them. This is consciously living life with intention.

In this video with Lucinda Hanover, discover how to create joyfully from the soul by using vivid future memories as a method of manifesting divine goals. Unlock your potential and reshape your reality by setting and pursuing divine goals inspired by your deepest aspirations.

Designing Life Consciously

Consciously designing life is a journey from passive existence to active creation, a transition from simply living to consciously shaping our reality with intentional tools. As we progress, we embrace the lessons learned and the growth experienced, allowing our heightened awareness to guide our vision for the future. It’s about seeing beyond the routine, recognizing the power of deliberate choices, and aligning with our soul’s true purpose. By doing so, we step into a space where every decision is imbued with the connection of the soul, transforming the act of living into a premeditated co-creation with the divine.

Meditation and Journal Prompts to Connect with Your Soul

In this video, Shree Devi focuses on elevating our frequency by connecting with the soul through guided meditation. When we practice letting go of distractions and settling into the present moment, we can tune into the inner world, accessing the profound capabilities of our mind and the instructions of the soul.

This list of journal prompts can help stimulate the deeper wisdom of the higher self or soul. Allow each prompt to be a stepping stone towards a greater alignment with your innermost intentions and dreams. Through the act of journaling, we are invited to explore the subtle, yet vibrant, voice of the soul. Open up to what comes through you as you answer these questions. Often unexpected wisdom and knowledge express themselves.

Journal Prompts for Living with Intention

  • What is my soul wishing to express in the creation of my life in 2024?
  • What are the actual words? What are the feelings? What are the details of the experience?
  • What is the soul’s greatest intent as you move into 2024?
  • Create a dialogue, you as soul. Conversing with, listening to your soul.
  • Detail the experiences my soul yearns for in 2024. What does a day in this ideal life look like, feel like, and sound like?
  • Reflect on the idea that “It has already been prepared for you. Your goals are there to assist you in manifesting the divine plan.” How does this perspective influence your approach to setting and achieving goals?
  • If you could reimagine your life without any limitations, what would it look like? Describe a typical day in this reimagined role.
  • Imagine you have a conversation with your future self. What advice or insights do they offer?
  • What’s one divine action I will take to forward this design of mine?
  • What action steps can you put into place to help support your soul in the goals that you are coming up with?
  • Make that future memory as real as possible by putting it into the present tense, creating as much detail as possible, and visualizing it all playing out.
  • ​​You can use a calendar to plan things out to assist your soul or get ideas down.

Living Life With Intention: Co-Creating a New Year With Our Soul

In this powerful moment, at the beginning of the new year, commencing a new chapter and embracing a new paradigm, commit to living as SOUL. Create with awareness, actively live with intention, consciously design a new life with imagination, and cherish the future memories we are bold enough to make. It’s important to continue to inquire if we are approaching life from the soul’s perspective and the new paradigm or falling back into old paradigm beliefs. Stay aware of aligning with the flow of the soul’s purpose by tapping into and taking action on what inspires joy. Strive to live from the highest aspect of consciousness, rather than the conditioned patterns we’ve accumulated over lifetimes? There is no wrong way to create. We must risk making mistakes to continue to expand. As Sai Maa has shared over and over, we already have everything we need to step into a new dimension of consciousness – personally and collectively.

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