What is Healing?

Healing means coming into alignment with the aspects of ourselves that are real. How do we know what is real? On this dimension called planet Earth, one of the countless dimensions we can experience, we live in an illusion. It’s part of the process of our spiritual growth. The illusion is like a veil inside of us that covers the truth of who we really are. Examples of that truth, or what is real, are Love, Light, Source, the Love of Sai Maa for you, or the Love of your guides and spiritual gang for you. Although these things are eternally expanding, they are a constant. They do not change in reaction to external factors. So, healing means coming into alignment or resonance with the eternal and constant parts of ourselves.

What Does the Process of Energy Healing Involve?

It’s time to go deep within ourselves and own our healing process and the lower-frequency energies that cause dis-ease in our lives. It involves acknowledging, accepting, and welcoming the false beliefs that split our sense of self and transmuting them. Throughout every incarnation, negative experiences and low-vibration emotions, beliefs, and actions scatter our energy. We leave parts of ourselves attached to other people, other times, and other experiences throughout time. Healing is about piecing together the parts of ourselves that we’ve lost over time, allowing us to feel whole and alive again. By practicing the energy healing techniques shared in this blog, we can reclaim those pieces of ourselves and embody our existence as empowered, joyful, healthy interdimensional beings of light.

Why is Energy Healing so Critical Right Now?

In the next 6 years or so, the conditions on the planet are going to look and feel very intense as Mother Gaia and humanity shift in consciousness. Personal healing is crucial for growth and for managing the major shifts in consciousness we’re facing on the planet. As we heal, we’ll be able to handle the difficulties better and find our way to a clearer, more centered state of being. The chaos in the world around us is a sign of what we are each dealing with inside. By clearing the heavier emotional frequencies within ourselves, we open up space to embody more light, love, and higher-frequency energies. We then become pillars of light supporting the planet in this never-before experienced shift in consciousness. As we work through the turmoil of a collective shift in consciousness, personal healing is the path to which we must walk to help welcome the new paradigm.

Steps for Healing

It’s essential to understand that we might carry pain and suffering that does not originate from our own experiences—these are energies that have been absorbed, which can then distort our perception of the real nature of Love. When we have these distortions in our field, we do not allow in the Love that is available to us. We often reject love because to be in a state of Love is to be completely naked with ourselves. This feels too vulnerable and scary to most of us because we fear being judged or shamed. Healing means healing the areas that prevent us from being in alignment with LOVE. This increase of Love energy is also one of the many ways the Divine Feminine is coming onto the planet.

Awareness as a Starting Point

It’s important to emphasize that awareness is a crucial component. Awareness is our ability to perceive our surroundings through the lens of Love. The more aware we become, the less reactionary we are and the more we stay in alignment with our true en-LIGHT-ened nature.

Give Back / Take Back

Most energies that we hold onto that no longer serve us, stem from beliefs and emotions we took on from our parents and influential people in our lives. When we are small, our energetic field is like a sponge taking in all the energies of the environment. We can also take in words that others say to us. Sai Maa has taught us a powerful energetic healing modality called Give Back/Take Back to return this energy to the person who put it in us. We go into great depth about this process in this blog Clearing Out the Back: Energy Practices for Dissolving Emotional Baggage. This method is a fundamental tool for clearing out energies that have been causing pain and struggle in our lives. Once you have done this practice with a particular energy, you can use these other tools that Sai Maa shares to further heal and help eliminate the patterns and behaviors we may have created to cope with the lower frequency energies.

Ending Your Relationship with an Energy

When we do Give Back/Take Back with an energy, we take it from our energetic system and give it back to whoever gave it to us. In addition, we are so powerful that we can call an energy to ourselves to help us survive, such as anger, numbing, hiding etc. It is ours. We didn’t get it from another person. And, we have a relationship with it. We do not have to continue to do that specific process over and over. If we continue to experience similar energies or frustrations, we must look at the relationship WE have created with that energy. In this situation, what you do is feel the energy in the body (anger, resentment etc) take your hands and bring the energy in front of you, be grateful that it came when you needed it and when you are ready, thank it and send it back to its source. Then activate a new energy in its place such as patience, courage, safety.

For Addiction

Often addictions are solutions to the problem of anxiety or panic that takes over the physical body. We use addiction to whatever substance or behavior to settle the fear response in our brain. That level of terror is usually caused by an external event or person, something that happened to us when we had no control. Once you’ve cleared the energy around the original event, you can feel that terror that comes up from anxiety, welcome it, acknowledge it, and accept it. Next, bring it into your heart to transmute it. You can also give it to Sai Maa to transmute.

Once those core energies are cleared, we can work with the addiction differently. One way to welcome in an energy, or accept it, is you might say

  • “What am I anxious about right now?”
  • “What’s going on with me that I want to use (your addiction)?”
  • “What triggered this response in me?”

Instead of judging the emotion, we are allowing it to be present with curiosity. This quiets down the limbic system in the brain and gives you a chance to work with the addiction in a different way. When working with addictions, it’s very important to clear the original traumas that caused the addiction.

For Other Emotions and Reactions That Keep Coming Up

When we keep experiencing certain reactions or emotions, it’s because it is providing something for us. If we get angry easily, that anger may be helping us to feel powerful. If we often feel depressed, the depression might be keeping us safe in some way. Every emotion we have serves some purpose. When we form a relationship to an emotion or energy, it’s because it has provided some form of comfort and it has become familiar. Stop blaming, shaming, or hurting yourself further by judging yourself for that emotion being present. Welcome it and acknowledge it, accept it, and bring it into your heart. Any time this emotion comes in, keep doing this practice. Try to stay as neutral about it as possible and not go too much into the feeling of the emotion. Let it be there and work with transmuting the energy. It’s okay if you have to do this over and over. You are retraining the brain as much as you are clearing the energy.

Vows and Contracts

Because we have had so many incarnations here on Earth, we have many contracts and vows that we are carrying in our field. Maa speaks to these more esoteric contracts and vows as particularly important to clear at this time

  • Contract with darkness
  • Contract with the ego
  • Contract/vows with God-promises made in exchange for something

Other vows and contracts may look like wedding vows or many of us have been monks or nuns and have taken vows of celibacy or poverty in other incarnations. End the vow or contract to any energy that keeps reappearing for you.

Energy Healing Tools to Address Lower Frequencies

Welcome/Acknowledge, Accept, and Compassion

Any time we are triggered or feel a lower frequency energy come to the surface, welcome it, acknowledge it, accept it, and have compassion for it. Judging ourselves or blaming ourselves for having an emotion or an experience only perpetuates the intensity of the emotion.

Resisting Love

We all resist love because it exposes our deepest vulnerabilities to truly be loved. Maa shares, “You resist love because love will create a nakedness out of you. You’ll be naked in front of love. You cannot hide when love is in front of you.” Practice by allowing your Soul to love you, for Source to love you, for your Spiritual Gang to love you.

Take Ownership of Your Healing

No one else can do the work to heal lower frequencies inside of us. We have free will on this planet and must make the choice to transmute these energies. Spiritual Masters like Sai Maa can help us if we ask for it, but they cannot end contracts and vows, or heal anything that we do not ask for assistance with.

Turning Toward the Light / Bring the Light In

We cannot heal the illusion. We can only bring the illusion into the light. If you think of lower energies/emotions/feelings as darkness, then the only way to eliminate the darkness is to pour light onto it. Keep re-aligning with the light. Pour light into every aspect of yourself – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

All Incarnations are Here Right Now to be Healed

This is a unique time on the planet because never before have we had a clean slate of karma and had all of our incarnations available to us RIGHT NOW. This means everything we have ever done, experienced, or witnessed from any version of ourselves is energetically able to be cleared. This includes working with and clearing themes from our lineage.

Forgive Now

When you leave the planet you cannot forgive or make amends. You have to come back to the planet to clean up that energy. Clear old energies and practice forgiveness now in this incarnation. This means forgiving yourself for what you have or have not done, as well as forgiving others who have wronged you in some way. Sai Maa says to thank those who have triggered you because they brought to the surface something to be healed in you.

Being Triggered

 You will feel triggered when you are on a spiritual path. That’s okay. That means there’s something that needs to be healed. Allow it to come to the surface. Welcome it, accept it, and then do the work to transmute it.

Stop Empowering Resistance

Resistance happens when we experience emotions and reactions to something uncomfortable or scary and we try to stop ourselves from feeling it through unhealthy coping mechanisms. Sai Maa shares, “Don’t empower the negative energies by pushing them away. Accept them. Welcome them.” When we stop resisting them and use compassion to welcome those aspects of ourselves, we bring another piece of ourselves back to us.

Energy Healing Tools to Hold the Higher Frequencies


Taking Ownership of Your Healing

No one else can heal you. You must do this work yourself. Sai Maa encourages us to take ownership of our healing at this time to fully empower ourselves. We have the help of our spirit gang, of our beloved Sai Maa, of our Soul, of Source itself. But we must actively make the choice to heal and take action for that commitment.

New Energies on the Planet

We are at a time on the planet unlike any time ever before. It’s changed even in the last few years. There are constantly new frequencies of energy coming onto the planet that can quickly heal and transform us if we choose to say yes to healing.

Using the Akash to Access Everything Available to You

All your experiences (good and bad), wisdom, and gifts from past incarnations on all dimensions are held within our Akash. We can pour love and light directly into our Akash and tap into the information that is stored there. When you heal an energy or emotion, also imagine that healing occurring in the Akash. As we heal energetically we will have more space within ourselves and more accessibility to the higher frequencies we have already developed.

Where Healing Energy Comes From

Healing energy can come from various sources through the energy Sai Maa gives us during Darshan or other blessings, from our spirit gang, from the connection to our Soul, from the expansive life force energy, or from other dimensions of existence. Whatever way you feel most connected to your higher source, give yourself permission to heal. In doing so, you enable a transformation that aligns with the light and love of Source.

Bring Light into the Energy Systems

We can bring light into any aspect of our being – into our physical body or our energetic systems like our chakras and subtle bodies. When we do this, we are working with subtle energy systems in the body. They are vital and vibrant parts of our well-being that are intricately connected to our emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. Pouring light and love into our energy fields can induce great spiritual healing.

Although we are faced with what may feel like a great challenge at this time – clearing and healing so much energy and shifting into a new paradigm on the planet – we also have so much help to make these changes. The energy flow coming onto the planet to aid this upliftment of consciousness is unlike anything ever experienced before. Mother Gaia herself is shifting and we are being supported by more galactic and energetic beings than we could possibly know. Sai Maa has shared many tools for healing and transmuting lower-frequency energies and Maa also offers us her own heart and love to use during these times. We are not in this alone. We have opportunities unlike anything we have seen before. Our work is to keep healing and aligning with the light and welcome in this pure life energy.

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