Celebrating Nine Days of Mother Divine

by | Apr 12, 2024 | Sacred Holidays

Saraswati. The Feminine Power of Creation. Navaratri is a time to connect with the Divine Feminine within you and open yourself to receive blessings, guidance and grace as you awaken to your highest potential. The tenth day is a celebration of the victory of your light over darkness and the power of embodying the Divine Feminine. These daily writings invite you to contemplate the opportunities available on each day of Navaratri.

Day 1 – Kali & Ramakrishna. Open to the Grace of Divine Mother
Day 2 Kali’s Devotion to Your Transformation. From Darkness to Light
Day 3 – Mary Magdalena. Kali, Devotion & Surrender
Day 4 – Maha Lakshmi – Grace, Purity and Abundance
Day 5Gratitude. A Gateway to Abundance
Day 6 – Lakshmi. Feel the Flow of Abundance
Day 7 Saraswati. Activating Creation with Intuition & Discernment.
Day 8Saraswati. The Feminine Power of Creation
Day 9 – New Energies Are Active. Experience Your True Nature
Day 10Celebrating Victory Day

Day 1 – Kali & Ramakrishna. Open to the Grace of Divine Mother

Kali - Spring Navaratri

The first three days of Navaratri are devoted to the goddess Kali and we chant, “Om Klim Kalikayei Namah Swaha,” activating and welcoming the energy of this fierce and loving Divine Mother.

Lalita Shree Maa shares the story of Ramakrishna’s relationship with the Divine Mother Kali as an example of what is possible with love and devotion.

Ramakrishna Paramahansa, the enlightened mystic, was a great devotee of Kali Mata.

As a priest in the Dakshineswar Kali temple, Ramakrishna spent his days worshiping Kali. During the nights, he sat in the jungle meditating on Kali.

Chanting her name. Seeing her form. Every thought absorbed in Kali. Every breath an offering to the Mother.

Opening, allowing, surrendering, as the Grace of the Great Mother filled him and carried him closer to Her.

Weeping, laughing, dancing in his intoxicating love and devotion for Kali, he would become absorbed into states of trance.

His longing for her increased every day, until he could bear the separation no longer.

In that moment she appeared, cutting the last cord of separation within him, as he merged in what he describes as “limitless, infinite, effulgent Ocean of Consciousness.”

Following the great Ramakrishna’s example, you are invited to show up during this time of Navaratri with love, dedication, willingness, openness, and surrender. Allowing your soul, the higher self, the divinity within to take over and enlighten the personality.

Navaratri Yagyas for Humanity

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Healthspan Cells

Continue to engage with the Kali Tantric Yagya for the first three days of Navaratri, offering everything between the personality and the Divine to these flames and welcoming the Grace of Kali, Divine Mother.

Join us for the Kamala (Lakshmi) Tantric Yagya on Saturday, April 13th, beginning at 7:50am NY time.

Day 2 – Kali’s Devotion to Your Transformation. From Darkness to Light

For the second day of Navaratri, continue to work with the energy of the goddess Kali. Heather Charlton shares one way to engage with this Shakti, this Feminine energy, showing how it serves us in the path of transformation.

Traditionally depicted dripping blood with swords and severed heads, Kali may seem to embody darkness and fear, but this intensity, this fierceness is Kali’s expression of devotion to liberate us from suffering by any means necessary, fueled by the profound love of Divine Mother. 

Wounds, fears, shadow, everything that you have named darkness in you, Kali calls them to the surface, inviting you to welcome them without judgment. To welcome everything. It is only our perception of darkness, our judgment of it, that keeps it contracted and hidden. Darkness is simply the absence of light.

It is this shift of perception, this rapid transformation and transmutation, that allows for all to be welcomed, accepted, loved, and filled with light. Kali’s divine sword cuts through what keeps us small – our misperceptions, judgments, fears – and empowers us to see differently, knowing we have the power to transmute and bring light to anything and everything

During these days of Kali, be bold, be fierce, and welcome you fully. Offer any “darkness” to Mother Kali, to the fire of the yagya, allowing you to expand into the experience of you as the light that you truly are.


Navaratri Yagyas for Humanity

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Kali Yagya - Spring Navaratri

Continue to engage with the Kali Tantric Yagya for the first three days of Navaratri, offering everything between the personality and the Divine to these flames and welcoming the Grace of Kali, Divine Mother.

Join us for the Kamala (Lakshmi) Tantric Yagya on Saturday, April 13th, beginning at 7:50am NY time.

Day 3 – Mary Magdalena. Kali, Devotion & Surrender

On this third day of Navaratri, Mary Sise illuminates the connection between Mary Magdalena and Kali, shared with her by Her Holiness Sai Maa. On this day of Kali energy, Mary invites you to welcome these intertwined energies with surrender and steadfast devotion.

In a world steeped in darkness over two millennia ago, Mary incarnated to exemplify the embodiment of Kali’s fierce energy, intensely powerful yet exquisitely tender, showing us how to navigate the challenges of our time with strength and grace.

Amidst the fear and violence of her time, Mary serves as a beacon of light, demonstrating the unwavering power of standing firm in one’s truth. She epitomizes the essence of devotion, not only to Master Jesus, but also to her own soul’s journey and her integral role in the Grand Design. Despite the chaos surrounding her and the judgments of others, Mary remained resolute in her path, refusing to be swayed from her purpose.

In embracing her humanity fully and releasing her fears, Mary offers us a profound example of what it means to embody our true selves. Her life becomes a blueprint for our own spiritual journey, reminding us of the transformative power of surrender. Mary’s surrender extends beyond material wealth and earthly distractions, it encompasses a profound trust in the Divine Plan, even amidst the turmoil of events leading to the crucifixion.

As Mary’s legacy reverberates through the ages, her invitation to surrender resonates deeply within us. We are called to boldly approach the Yagya’s fire of transformation, willing to release all that keeps us bound by fear and limitation. In the tender embrace of Mary’s presence, we find the courage to step into our own power and embrace our unique role in the Grand Design.

Beloved Mary, we invoke your grace to guide us as we walk the path of surrender. May your loving presence embolden us to face the Yagya’s flames of transformation with open hearts and unwavering trust. Hold us close as we journey towards the truth of our souls, knowing that in surrendering, we emerge more fully into the radiant light of our being. Swaha.

Navaratri Yagyas for Humanity

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Kali Yagya - Spring Navaratri

Continue to engage with this yagya, activating the Grace of Mary with surrender as you continue to offer to the yagya and release what no longer serves. 

Join us for the Kamala (Lakshmi) Tantric Yagya on Saturday, April 13th, beginning at 7:50am NY time.

Day 4 Maha Lakshmi – Grace, Purity and Abundance

As we move into the next three days of Navaratri, we focus on the essence of Maha Lakshmi, the grace of the Divine Mother in her expression of purity, abundance and the bountifulness of all of creation. Rajeshwari Maa shares the gifts available when you move inside yourself and energetically align with Lakshmi.

Lakshmi, goddess of abundance, prosperity and beauty, spills down gold coins from her hands, showering us with gold. Lakshmi’s abundance includes and goes beyond the realm of material wealth to encompass the infinite love, compassion, beauty and the fullness of the power of creation and manifestation.

Lakshmi invites us to look inside ourselves to clear our perceptions of limitations and lack, and embrace the truth of our innate divinity and the recognition of the abundance available to us on all levels. Open your heart to the grandeur and beauty of this very present moment and awaken to our birthright – the bliss of life.
Feel the abundance within you and radiate Lakshmi’s essence to those around you, and to the planet.

For these next few days, engage with the Shakti of Maha Lakshmi using the mantra: Om Shrim Mahalakshmiye Namaha. Take a few moments each morning and say this mantra with passion, feeling the love, expansion and abundance of Lakshmi within you.

Navaratri Yagyas for Humanity

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Kali Yagya - Spring Navaratri
Continue to engage with the yagya, offering any limitations you become aware of to the fire.

Join us for the Kamala (Lakshmi) Tantric Yagya on Saturday, April 13th, beginning at 7:50am NY time.

Day 5 – Gratitude. A Gateway to Abundance 

As we continue in the energy of Lakshmi, Selena Lael offers gratitude as a gateway to the flow and expansion of abundance energy. 

The Grace, the beauty, the overflowing bounty of Maha Lakshmi takes us into the remembrance of the abundance that is all of Life; that is the essence of who we truly are. 

When you find yourself in the smallness of lack, of scarcity mentality, call upon Maha Lakshmi to serve you moving from contraction to expansion, from darkness to light. 

Open yourself fully to receive the blessings of Maha Lakshmi. The abundance of joy, prosperity, and love are your true nature. 

When you are grateful, your heart blossoms like a flower, welcoming the light, sharing the beauty of you. 

Maha Lakshmi reminds us that there is nothing missing. You lack nothing. 

You are a Divine being who possesses the greatest treasures of this creation. 

Allow gratitude to serve you. 

Open your heart, and be so grateful.

Be grateful to Life. When you open your eyes in the morning, say thank you! Thank you for my life. 

When you see someone you love, be so grateful for this precious moment to be together.

When you place food in your mouth, savor it, delight in the abundance of life. 

You are so, so blessed. 

The more you welcome this gratitude, and allow gratitude to enliven your heart, body, mind and emotions, the more you will be blessed with the experience of overflowing abundance. 

You become an open vessel for the bounty of Life. For the blessings of Maha Lakshmi. 

You are so, so loved. 

Navaratri Yagyas for Humanity

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Kali Yagya - Spring Navaratri

Continue to engage with the Kamala (Lakshmi) Tantric Yagya with Gratitude, welcoming the blessings of Maha Lakshmi.

Join us for the Chandi and Saraswati Yagya on Wednesday, April 17th, beginning at 7:50am NY time. 

Day 6 – Lakshmi. Feel the Flow of Abundance

Lakshmi activation

As we honor Maha Lakshmi on this auspicious day, Audrey Parent invites you to embark on a journey to discover your inner abundance.

Go inward, the treasure is within. Take a moment to close your eyes and take a deep breath. Inhale the essence of abundance and exhale any feelings of lack or limitation. Allow yourself to become fully present in this moment, tapping into the reservoir of abundance that resides within you. As you delve into the depths of your being, feel the presence of Maha Lakshmi’s energy illuminating every corner of your being. Allow Her divine grace to flow through you, awakening the inherent abundance within. 

Imagine a radiant golden light glowing at the center of your being, emanating warmth and abundance in every direction. Feel this light expanding with each breath, filling every cell of your body with divine love and prosperity.

With each inhale, affirm to yourself, “I am abundance in all areas of my life.”With each exhale, release any doubts or fears that may be holding you back from experiencing the fullness of Maha Lakshmi’s blessings. Visualize yourself surrounded by a shimmering aura of abundance, attracting opportunities and blessings effortlessly into your life. See yourself stepping into your power, confidently embracing the abundance that is your birthright.

As you continue to journey inward, take a moment to reflect on the areas of your life where you may be blocking the flow of abundance. Are there any limiting beliefs or self-imposed barriers that are hindering your ability to receive? Allow yourself to acknowledge these obstacles with compassion and forgiveness, knowing that you have the power to release them in the Yagya and create space for greater abundance to flow.

As you emerge from this contemplative practice, carry with you a sense of deep gratitude for the abundance that surrounds you, both within and without. Know that by honoring Maha Lakshmi within you, you are aligning yourself with the infinite flow of prosperity and blessings that are always available to you.

May you continue to bask in the Grace of the Divine Mother, embracing the boundless treasures that lie within your own heart.

Navaratri Yagyas for Humanity

Lakshmi yagya
Lakshmi yagya

Continue to engage with the Kamala (Lakshmi) Tantric Yagya, bringing the power of the sacred fire into every cell.

Join us for the Chandi and Saraswati Yagya on Wednesday, April 17th, beginning at 7:50am NY time. 

Day 7 – Saraswati. Activating Creation with Intuition & Discernment.


How glorious to journey through these nine days of Navaratri, honoring and activating Divine Feminine Qualities in each one of us! We now move into Enlightenment, pure creation.

For the next three days of Navaratri, we honor Saraswati, goddess of knowledge, art, music, and expression. Shree Devi Maa brings us into a new contemplation of how to welcome this energy and take action. Spend a few moments with your journal and consider where you choose to boldly activate the energy of Saraswati in your life. 

The transformative grace of the nine day Navaratri journey lies in the trinity of divine feminine power that awakens within us, enhanced by the presence of Mata Kali, Maha Lakshmi, and Maha Saraswati.

We began by opening to the compassionate transmuting power of Mata Kali which makes us more receptive to the blessings of our abundant Life of Maha Lakshmi. Now, in the final phase of Navaratri, Saraswati bestows upon us the essential intuitive wisdom, discerning precision, and uncompromising perseverance needed to bring those blessings into full manifestation.

Saraswati is the painter’s creativity, guiding the choices of colors brought onto, and kept off, the canvas.

She is the visionary’s dedication, seeing possibility where none appears to exist.

She is the pioneer’s tireless action, leading to the discovery of new worlds.

What is Saraswati awakening in you so that your soul’s visions can fully manifest? What choices and decisions are you called to make to ensure this happens? What consistent action are you willing to dedicate yourself to, against all odds?

You came onto this planet with a unique soul expression that only you can manifest. Know that Saraswati will empower and guide you every step of the way, until what you are here for is fulfilled.


Navaratri Yagyas for Humanity

Lakshmi yagya
Lakshmi yagya

Continue the work of transmutation with the yagya and take the time to consider these new actions that you choose to support your vision and expression. 

Join us for the Chandi and Saraswati Yagya on Wednesday, April 17th, beginning at 7:50am NY time. 

Day 8 –  Saraswati. The Feminine Power of Creation


As we continue to welcome the creative energy of Saraswati, Rayna Oliker shares more on how to tap into this powerful shakti of potentiality.

Saraswati is the feminine aspect of creation and manifestation. Saraswati brings color, vibrance, and joy to the world around us. Through her, the limitless potential of the universe is given form, shape, and meaning. Through intention, the goddess breathes life into desire, shifting what could be and building it into the manifestation of what is.

As we move into the days of Saraswati, I invite you to step into the power of this conscious creation. What is next in your life? What is it that you wish to create?

Choose and build that vision inside of you.

The world around us is real because we believe in it. Because with every breath, we use our thoughts, feelings, and intention to create meaning out of what we see, allowing it to become our reality.

In the days of Saraswati, choose what you wish to create with intention. Breathe it into life in your mind. Give it a texture, a color, a smell. What does it feel like to touch? How does your body move differently when your new reality is truly alive within you?

Dance in this new reality. Shape it like the divinity that you are.

Devote yourself to the power of creation, expression and vibrance of the Saraswati within.

Navaratri Yagyas for Humanity

Saraswati yagya
Saraswati yagya

Continue the work of transmutation with the yagya and play in the realm of intentional creation and expression


Join us for the Chandi and Saraswati Yagya on Wednesday, April 17th, beginning at 7:50am NY time. 

Day 9 – New Energies Are Active. Experience Your True Nature


This Navaratri Journey is like none other that has come before! First, it is happening now as an opportunity to actively participate in the Grand Shift of Humanity. Second, we open to the glorious magnification of Divine Feminine Qualities through three gifted yagyas from Jagadguru Sai Maa! Lucinda Hanover, Sai Maa’s successor, invites us to be present in this moment and own all that is now active, our true nature.

Be still.
Go within.
Become aware.

I imagine all of us together feeling the expansion of our true nature, as Consciousness, Light, Love.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on what is now active in our direct experience, in the energy field around each of us. Throughout the journey of Navaratri these nine days, what is now present within?

Is Kali nature now active to transmute any past constraints? Sometimes as a gentle, simple, yet profound, “letting go” and sometimes as bold deliberate action, becoming aware of deep attachments, then consciously choosing to liberate ourselves.
Is the abundance of Lakshmi active within? Is each and every moment an opportunity to expand into abundance? Plentiful, bountiful, expansive! What joy to feel a wellspring of Grace coming up to meet us, lowering the resistance to change, and living in the knowingness of abundance?
Now let’s become aware of the qualities of Saraswati that are now active. Creativity, intuition, newness, enlightenment. Observe how activating these energies is reflected in each person we meet, in every interaction. See the synchronicity in life as a natural occurrence.

I am so very grateful that we are together on this journey.

I invite us to go beyond this focused time of Navaratri and make of ourselves living, breathing examples of the embodiment of these Divine Feminine qualities.

Lakshmi yagya
Lakshmi yagya

Day 10 – Celebrating Victory Day


Om Jai Jai Sai Maa

Today we celebrate the victory of our journey from darkness to light that has taken place over the last nine days, with Mother Divine guiding us every step of the way.

As Her Holiness Jagadguru Sai Maa shares with us~

This is the victory of love, the glory of God, the flame of love, that is who we are. 
We are to allow this love to flow. Bliss is from that love, this is freedom. 
Then we know this love below us, above us, in us, around us. 
Love only love, God only God.

Contributing to our celebration, the gentleman Mahamandaleshwar share their words of love and devotion for the many manifestations of Mother Divine.

The nature of Shakti is inherently expansive and growth-oriented.
It is the vital force within a forest that spurs its growth,
The very breath of life that pervades all existence.
It is the inherent power within a seed that orchestrates
its transformation into a majestic tree,
And the profound inner calling within your heart
that urges you to transform, awaken,
and shine with your true essence.

Shakti is the dynamic force that sculpts stars and galaxies within the cosmos,
And the same powerful inertia that can lift you from the deepest,
darkest abyss—an abyss you might not even realize exists within you.

Shakti is the continual evolution and expansion of consciousness,
A universal principle that cannot be any other way.
Recognize that this transformative power resides within you,
Guiding your journey of evolution towards becoming a radiant, loving being.
By welcoming the Shakti within, you will find peace,
allowing this divine energy to naturally expand,
observing its nature with reverence.
Embrace its invitation to rise anew,
allowing you to become brighter than a thousand suns.

Acharya Dayanand Das Maharaj

The more we yearn, the more quickly and more intensely She comes.
We create Her inside of ourselves with every thought, feeling, and action.
Our intent fuels Her action. The more we desire, the more we act from that desire, the more we surrender to the creative unfolding, and keep going, keep opening, keep allowing, the more She makes a home for Herself in our tender, humble hearts.
As Her Holiness Sai Maa shared with me one day,
“Your love is my food to do the Work.”

Jivan Das Maharaj

MAA is beyond human consciousness. MAA is the realm of all possibilities, the unified field, pure space, the primordial sound of Om. MAA is me, you, all humanity, all planets and galaxies, all worlds, all dimensions, All That Is.

MAA is the Self we devote ourself to, the witness, the indweller, the knower and known, the lover and beloved. MAA is the love that is Source, the core and essence of all of us as creation. MAA is the Shakti that propels and manifests our expression of MAA. MAA is our longing. MAA is the reason we’ve incarnated so many times to realize the Self in physical form, to live the life divine in every moment. MAA is present in form and without form, as light, sound, and vibration in multiple dimensions at the same time.

As MAA writes at the end of messages, “Your Ever MAA.” Let this declaration of being forever and eternally ours comfort you, nourish you, and serve you as it has me to this day and as it will for so many more to come.


Swami Parameshwar Das Maharaj

Masculine energy, feminine energy … the exploration of the world and the Universe can take a polarity, a dual path of discovery and perspective. Yin and Yang, that of the Universe and the materiality of Creation can be conducted by two different or even multiple approaches. What can we say when matter itself conditions itself to configure its molecules, thus attributing impactful or healing qualities to the Energy that passes through it?

Our consciousness develops with the help of these material and energetic data, exploring our inner and outer worlds, moving inexorably towards harmony, towards unity, towards the “genderless”.

I like to contemplate creation, sometimes with a masculine gaze, sometimes with a feminine sensibility and sometimes in its totality, motionless like Shiva in the fullness of absolute consciousness. At what moment are we most human in the experience of life? Is it as a witness to the frequencies that shake our being, to the vibration of our consciousness in our body of matter, or in the feeling of Energy, to this creative power that marks our contribution to this Force that crosses the infinite?

Our dimension, both in details and contours, in strength and intensity, in temporal impact or in the immaterial infinite dimension of time is often unknown to us.

Who are we in the Universe?

Jayendra Das Maharaj

Om Jai Jai Sai Maa

Before I knew Your name, before our first embrace – I remember Your Grace. Walking in Mother Nature, among the trees, flowers, animals, sky, and rain, You held me in Your heart. I breathed with you, I breathe with you– all understood, all accepted. Mata Gaia, Mother Earth, Mother of Creation, I am Yours, Your child in the light.

Your Love conquers all, Your Love evokes miracles. The more I remember, the more I become You. Maa, Shakti.

As Shiva I worship Shakti and as Shakti I worship Shiva. On the right I am Shiva, on the left I am Shakti. I breathe out Shiva, I inhale Shakti. In the chakras, we meet at the heart, and In our eternal dance, I know we are never apart.

I offer all that I am to You

Ananta Das Maharaj

Beyond beliefs
Beyond limitations
Beyond fear
MAA exists
Through devotion, intent, and action,
I / we can find ourselves with and as MAA
Fear dissolves
The heart simply exists in its pure tenderness
The sweetness of Life emerges naturally, bliss
May we together dwell in and as MAA
Om Jai Jai Sai Maa

Triveni Das Maharaj

May the Victory of Light be yours every day and every moment through
the decisions you make, actions you take, and love you share.

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