Chakras and Your State of Being 

The intricate system of energy centers, and layers within and around our body, serves as a fundamental link between our physical existence and higher states of consciousness. Balancing the chakras is an essential practice for achieving ultimate well-being and spiritual enlightenment. When our chakras are aligned and our subtle bodies are in harmony, we have more access to intuition and interaction with the higher self, creating a unique personal relationship with the Divine. This balanced state not only enhances our physical health and emotional stability, but also opens the door to deep spiritual growth. By actively working to maintain this equilibrium through practices like meditation, yoga, and mindful living, we can tap into our fullest potential, embodying our true divine nature and even manifest our dreams with more ease.

What are Chakras? 

Chakras, the energy centers within the human body, serve as conduits for spiritual and physical energy, creating a metaphysical bridge across realms and aspects of our being—from Heaven and Earth to mind and body, spirit and matter. Most commonly, we speak of the seven major chakras aligned along the spine and minor ones in our palms and soles, but we actually have countless chakras in our bodies that extend beyond our physicality all the way “up” to our higher self. These centers channel energy through a unique structure resembling two intersecting cones in front of and behind our bodies, designed to both absorb and radiate specific energy qualities. Their health is pivotal in expressing our divinity, manifesting our needs and desires, creating solid relationships, and optimal health.

They can also hold lower vibrational energies leading to emotional and mental blocks. Both energetic and physical practices like sadhana, meditation, chanting, and yoga can help clear these blocks, increasing energy flow in and through them.  Modern physiology aligns these chakras with the seven major nerve ganglia stemming from the spinal column, providing an intersection between ancient spiritual wisdom and contemporary science, reinforcing the impact of these energy centers on our physical and spiritual well-being.

In this meditation, join Rajeshwari Maa and Dyananda Das in a meditation to bring light and love into the chakras, one at a time. After the chakras are full of light and love, they bring us into the cells, all the way into the Quantum DNA to experience ourselves and our reality as Source.

Chakras: Our Own Personal Computer

Anodea Judith, in her book “Eastern Body, Western Mind,”  has shared how chakras are similar to computer storage disks, each storing specific programs that dictate our survival instincts, relationships, communication and more. Like outdated software, these internal programs often require updates to align with our current needs and goals. This process involves recognizing and revising our ingrained patterns and beliefs. She likens the body to computer hardware, our consciousness to the user, and our vital energy activates these programs, similar to electricity in a computer. Understanding and adjusting the flow of this energy through our chakras is essential for personal growth and achieving a balanced life. Her Holiness Sai Maa talks about our entire energy system and brain similarly, addressing the need to reprogram our outdated unhealthy beliefs and thoughts in order to spiritually evolve.

The 7 Chakras

The chakras, positioned throughout the body, serve as vortices of energy that connect distinct states of consciousness, elements of nature, and philosophical insights. The lower chakras, grounded closer to the earth, relate to the tangible aspects of existence such as survival and action, influenced by and associated more with the laws of science and society. The upper chakras become more esoteric, dealing with the mental,  symbolic, and spiritual realms. Glands, organs, systems of the body, and physical structure of the body all correspond to the chakra closest to them.

Each chakra embodies specific energy qualities and profoundly influences our life experiences by regulating crucial psychological functions: 1) survival, 2) sexuality, 3) power, 4) love, 5) communication, 6) intuition, and 7) consciousness. They each have sacred sounds or vibrations that help balance them, colors corresponding with the colors of the rainbow – going from red, the densest energy, up to violet, the highest frequency, color. Sai Maa tells us that when the chakras are in perfect harmony, they dissolve into bright white light.

Chakras and their Meanings

Each chakra is linked to specific emotional states. When blocked or imbalanced, the chakra contracts and energy flow becomes less fluid. This can lead to emotional distress, disease, hindered personal growth, and a feeling of spiritual disconnect. By addressing and healing the emotional blockages associated with a particular chakra, we restore the flow of energy through them, enhancing our ability to experience life fully, embrace our true potential, and connect more deeply with our divinity. This list briefly describes issues associated with each chakra, as well as suggestions for activating or healing them.

1st Chakra/Root/ Red

The root chakra, located at the base of the spine, is the foundation of our spirit’s home and the entire chakra system, acting as the bedrock for the temple of the body. It embodies our inherent rights to exist, occupy space, and fulfill our basic needs, such as self-care, love, and access to essential resources. The strength of this chakra is crucial, requiring a balance of firmness for stability and flexibility to allow for growth. Acknowledging and asserting our right to exist and for well-being is necessary for our personal development and material security.

Healing tool to unblock the chakra: In the blog  Clearing Out The Back Pack: Energy Practices for Dissolving Emotional Baggage learn how to heal trauma often first created in early childhood. Or, How to Unblock the Root Chakra

 2nd Chakra/Sacral/ Orange 

The second chakra represents our right to feel and express emotions, something that is often diminished by societal or familial beliefs that label sensitivity or emotions as weakness. Restrictions to our emotional expression lead to disconnection and numbness. This affects our capacity to recognize our desires, encompassing aspects like healthy sexuality and creativity, highlighting the significance of freely expressing emotions for personal insight and overall wellness.

Healing tool to unblock the chakra: 7 Gateways Chakra Meditation or Creating Heathy Expectations in Relationships for Deeper Spiritual Connection

3rd Chakra/Solar/ Yellow

Our ability to take action, essential for personal autonomy, is often constrained by societal norms that encourage conformity and discourage innovation through fear of punishment or being rejected from our family or community. This limitation on action directly affects our will, spontaneity, and overall vitality. While senseless actions are not beneficial, the freedom to make choices is crucial for developing inner authority. Freedom is a critical need for growth and vitality.

Healing tool to unblock the chakra: How to Balance the Solar Chakra, or see the meditation below on clearing the lower chakras.

4th Chakra/Heart/Green 

The fourth chakra focuses on the essential human need to love and be loved. This necessary need can be compromised within families through parental dysfunction and is further challenged by societal and religious judgments and projections. Additionally, personal struggles like low self-esteem, a weakened will, and difficulties in feeling or communicating also impair our ability to experience love. Given its central position among the seven chakras, the ability to love and be loved is affected when any other chakra is imbalanced.

Sai Maa references the heart chakra frequently in meditations and teachings, sharing that we can bring our painful emotions into our own heart or Maa’s heart, so that they can be transmuted and healed.

Healing tool to unblock the chakra:  Healing the Heart meditation, or read this blog,

The Miracle of Energy Healing, on the healing power of love.

Unblock the Chakras Blog

Go inside your heart to the permanent atom, find the Blue Flame in your heart and spread that through your entire body. Bring it into your organs, glands, and chakras, and feel it burn in your brain. Extend it out through all your subtle bodies and into your aura. See yourself as the Sacred Fire and know this is the Truth. See yourself as the Christ Light, as the Light of Buddha, Eliyahu, Moses, Mohammed, and all the Great Ones. This is the Truth. Own it. ~ Her Holiness Sai Maa

5th Chakra /Throat/ Blue

The fifth chakra embodies our need to express and hear the truth, which is often compromised in environments where open communication is discouraged. During our upbringing or in situations as adults when certain topics are suppressed or sensitive issues are silenced, the throat chakra shuts down. Our ability to voice our truth is also violated by not being listened to, being forced to keep secrets, or being exposed to dishonesty from parents, society, or the government. Reclaiming our voice and truth hinges on developing clear and honest communication skills. Sai Maa teaches that the Satyayuga we are moving into is based on the throat chakra. Speaking truth is essential in this new era.

Healing tool to unblock the chakra: The blog Healthy Communication is Transformative will provide a powerful technique for clear communication and  Unblock the Throat Chakra shares techniques to open up this center of truth.

6th Chakra/The First Eye/ Indigo 

The Sixth Chakra is pivotal in perception and intuition, serving as a control center that integrates the chakra system and aligns with the brain and nervous system, similar to the pituitary gland’s role in hormone regulation. Her Holiness Sai Maa refers to it as the “First Eye” due to its direct connection to Source and intuition. Although we may not be in tune, we are always connected to the higher realms through that chakra. The First eye encourages openness, the ability to learn from experiences, and the integration of ideas, enhancing both conscious and subconscious beliefs. Central to the right to perceive accurately, it can be undermined by experiences that dismiss or belittle one’s observations, such as concealing truths or exposing individuals to confusing situations, thereby affecting both physical sight and psychic insight. This chakra’s connection extends to the sensory systems, emphasizing its role in non-ordinary reality and underlining the importance of maintaining its balance for optimal perceptual abilities.

Healing tool to unblock the chakra:  10 Minute Light Meditation to bring light into the brain and help balance the third eye. Also, read Fight, Flight, or Heal? for better understanding of the nervous system.

7th Chakra/ Crown/ Purple

The seventh chakra encompasses the right to knowledge, including access to accurate information, truth, and education, as well as the freedom to pursue personal spiritual beliefs. Imposing specific spiritual views or withholding information and educational opportunities violates this chakra’s principles, stifling the innate drive for understanding and connection with the divine.

Healing tool to unblock the chakra: Do this practice suggested by Sai Maa to activate your crown chakra or watch this video on YouTube Crown Chakra Meditation


Unblock the Chakras Blog

Inhale the Presence at this moment. Inhale deeper. Inhale with all your chakras. Inhale with all the petals of your chakras upward—upward looking to the crown chakra, looking to the blue pearl in the center of the crown chakra. Breathe, inhale The Presence with all your subtle bodies. Allow the Light, the Presence, the Truth of all the chakras to expand in all the glands and organs of the body, Self, molecules, atoms. 
~ Her Holiness Sai Maa

Join master teacher and Mahamandaleshwar Rajeshwari Maa in this audio meditation to activate the light in your heart and bring it, and all its grace, down through the lower chakras. This helps purify and enlighten the lower chakras of the body. 

Kundalini and the Chakras

Yoga philosophy highlights the awakening of Kundalini Shakti as a pivotal aspect of spiritual transformation. Positioned at the base of the spine, this dormant force—symbolized as a serpent goddess—initiates a profound journey from darkness to enlightenment, purifying and aligning the chakras to facilitate a sacred union between matter and consciousness. This process, which can be triggered by meditation, yoga, or even traumatic events, not only signifies a deep internal revolution, but also links personal evolution with divinity. Upon awakening, Kundalini acts as a dynamic link among chakras, primarily through the sushumna nadi, encouraging a serpentine flow of energy that reflects the chakras’ synergy. While fundamentally a healing force, Kundalini’s rise can lead to intense, sometimes challenging experiences, underscoring its role in spiritual growth and the interconnectedness of the chakras in our journey toward awakening.

Chakras and the Divine Feminine

The process of Kundalini awakening leads to an awakening, unveiling the essence of the Divine feminine within. As it moves, it activates the chakras and also reveals the interconnectedness of the mind, subconscious, intellect, and ego with the elements of creation. The Kundalini Shakti, residing at the base of the spine, embodies the supreme feminine divine energy. Its awakening initiates a cleansing and illumination of the chakra system, transforming each energy vortex into a beacon of light. As Kundalini ascends, it purifies and activates the chakras, infusing them with the light of consciousness. This process, driven by the Shakti of a Master, such as Her Holiness Sai Maa, and one’s own spiritual practices, gradually integrates all chakras into a luminous column of light, culminating in the ultimate union of Shiva and Shakti at the crown. This journey catalyzes a profound connection with the most sacred aspects of our being, clearing karma and enhancing clarity and purpose, dissolving the veils of ignorance and allowing the state of enlightenment. In this state where the divine feminine awakens, we return to the pure state of divine oneness. 

Master teachers Rayna Oliker and Dr. Rachel Simpson guide us in an audio meditation activating a goddess and bringing in the divine feminine into each chakra. 

The Chakras and the Higher Self

The Higher Self plays a crucial role in spiritual development by acting similarly to a gauge, monitoring the amount of “I am Presence” coming through into the physical body and physical realm. This gauge is vital for spiritual evolution and overall well-being. It controls the absorption of divine light into our chakras and subtle bodies to help purify karma and balance the chakras. The Lower self, with its physicality and ego, perceives existence through separation, while the Higher Self operates on a higher frequency, channeling divine energy into our being. This process, essential for our growth, involves the Higher Self acting as a mediator, adapting the I AM presence for our physical and subtle anatomy. It enables the integration of divine light within our chakras, setting the stage for profound spiritual awakening and the realization of our inherent divine perfection.

Awakening is deeply intertwined with Divine Love, which activates and harmonizes our chakras, enriching us with its divine qualities. Supported by practices like mantra repetition and guided by spiritual mentors, this journey creates a transformative collaboration with the Higher Self, propelling us toward our full spiritual potential. Through this engagement, we not only achieve a heightened state of consciousness, but also embody the essence of the divine, establishing a connection with the universal energy that pervades all aspects of life.

In this short video, Sai Maa shares that you can call on your soul or life itself to open up to the power of love and enliven the chakras. 


The journey through chakras teaches us the importance of transcending our attachment to the physical form and the desires governed by the lower chakras and the ego. By choosing to radiate love over fear, we not only attract more love into our lives, but also align our internal essence with the world around us. This alignment encourages us to view life through a lens of love, reflecting our true nature in every aspect of our existence. Embracing this perspective facilitates a deeper understanding of our spiritual anatomy, allowing us to navigate our path with greater clarity and harmony between the physical and the divine.

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