40 Days With Sai Maa

“My beloveds, the time of living as a limited human is over.” ~Sai Maa

How do I make choices that that deeply align with my values? How do I express myself at my highest good and for the good for others? How can I go beyond thinking “We are one” to knowing this is true deep down in my soul?
The answers to questions like these lie in having awareness. Knowing you have the choice to create a peaceful life for yourself—and the world. Waking up to the power of discernment and living more consciously. Understanding that your time of living in duality as a limited human is over.
Her Holiness Sai Maa, a living spiritual master, created an online program to help you awaken from a world of illusion and embrace your true state of being. Sai Maa’s unique fusion of Eastern spiritual wisdom, Western therapeutic knowledge, and energetic mastery empowers you with tools to help you cultivate this kind of peaceful, fulfilling life. Spending 10 to 15 minutes a day listening to recordings from Sai Maa can help you change your habits and take ownership of your decisions, so you can experience a true sense of freedom and transform your life on every single level.
40 Days With Sai Maa

During the 40 days, you’ll receive:

  • A daily audio broadcast from Sai Maa on teachings about topics like the expression of Self, the attributes of Spirit, and caring for your Soul
  • Suggested meditation practices and questions for contemplation to help you put these teachings into action
  • Energetic support behind the scenes from Sai Maa, who as a living enlightened master, activates the program with the pure Divine energy of creation

40 Days with Sai Maa

Audio recordings in English and French


Please note: 40 Days with Sai Maa in French includes English audio with French transcription only. Register here for 40 Days with Sai Maa in French

Rising Above the Wounded Ego

Hear a sample from 40 Days with Sai Maa here.

The Keys to Success with this Program

40 Days with Sai Maa requires you to commit to accessing and practicing the lesson for each of the 40 days consecutively. Repetition is a key part of the program’s methodology—doing something new for 40 days is what helps you replace your limiting habitual thoughts with the new ways of thinking that support you as you design a spiritually fulfilling life.

What Participants are Saying

Committing myself for 40 days to listening to Maa really grounded me in my confidence and my light. I felt so good when I did the 40 days of Maa. I loved hearing Maa every day, it was a blessing to have her in my life for 40 days like that.

– Weslyn R.

When I was listening 40 days with Sai Maa I was receiving priceless energetic guidance on choosing a right partner in my life. I got married to that partner and we’ve been beautifully married for the last 10 years.

– Yelena D

How extraordinary to be with Maa, daily, for 40 days! Essential teachings and energetic transmissions that allowed me to deepen my spiritual path, deepened my sense of confidence and knowing who I am and moved me forward in my business allowing for a continued growth of revenue and fulfillment at work.

-Michael D

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