Our Trusted Partners: More Ways to Live an Awakened Life

Awakened Life is a global movement bigger than any one company or person. Our unique, holistic approach to empowerment, transformation, and fulfillment is powered by a network of trusted affiliates. The groups you’ll find here offer everything from educational programs to training courses to humanitarian services. Whether long-time teachers who have studied closely with Sai Maa, global partners aligned with our philosophy, or makers of impactful programs that can amplify your transformation, you can trust our affiliates to carry on the work of Awakened Life.

Developed by Sai Maa, Magdalena Healing is dedicated to sharing the divine feminine healing frequencies embodied by Mary Magdalena—the devoted disciple of Jesus Christ—with humanity. Her energies awaken the divine feminine qualities of oneness, tenderness, and devotion within each of us and help heal the suffering caused by the imbalance of masculine and feminine energies.

Program offerings include:

    • Practitioner Certification: A year-long training program allowing you to be initiated into the frequencies of Mary Magdalena and trained to offer Magdalena Energy Sessions
    • Magdalena Healing Society: Upon completion of a year-long training program you are eligible to become a member of the Magdalena Healing Society.
    • Magdalena Healing Day:  An immersion in the healing practices and activations of Mary Magdalena to free ourselves from energies that keep us in judgement and lack. Coming Summer 2018.
    • Magdalena Energy  Sessions: An energy session offering a transmission of Magdalena healing frequencies throughout one’s energy system, bringing harmony and balance to mind, body and spirit.

As a vehicle for the humanitarian work of Sai Maa and Awakened Life, the Light Legacy Foundation serves the underserved and vulnerable through humanitarian programs fueled by donors, volunteers, and partners. The Foundation supports those it serves by providing resources to rise up and live powerfully after facing severe life challenges. Light Legacy Foundation’s primary focus is empowering women through education and support services.

The Shaktidhaam Ashram, whose name means the Abode of Shakti, is located in Varanasi, India and serves as a physical center to anchor and magnify Sai Maa’s mission of global enlightenment and the awakening of the divine feminine. The Ashram is a sacred site for pilgrimage and a sanctuary for inner work and spiritual practice (sadhana). It also provides education and selfless service (seva) for spiritual upliftment.

The Sai Maa Café in Tokyo, Japan is the first of its kind in the world. This unique community gathering spot provides nourishment beyond the body with a strong commitment to green building. From the impeccably sourced vegetarian menu to the building materials, every aspect of the café is environmentally friendly, with furnishings, artwork, and other decor made from natural materials. The inviting space also offers programs on yoga, meditation, energy work, and parenting programs for people from all walks of life. Embodying the grace, elegance, and beauty of Sai Maa, the café is a welcoming, community-oriented environment that effortlessly invites the casual diner to explore and potentially adopt a conscious living lifestyle.

The Order of Sai Maa Brahmacharya, the monastic lineage of Sai Maa, is made up  of devoted disciples who have taken lifelong vows and committed themselves to a Brahmacharya lifestyle of sadhana (spiritual practice) and service for global enlightenment. As a vessel of Sai Maa’s Presence and divine energy, the Swami, Brahmacharinis and Brahmacharis of the Order serve in living, embodying, and sharing Sai Maa’s teachings. The twelve members of the Order are located on four continents, and offer teaching programs and spiritual coaching, carry out humanitarian work, build community, and support the Awakened Life movement. Many of the Awakened Life teachers and leaders are members of the Order.

Shiviti Center, based in Israel, provides education and guidance to awaken and become the master of one’s life. Founded in 2014 by Acharya Dayanand Das Maharaj, the center offers a variety of courses, weekly classes, workshops, personal guidance, and online programs that illuminates a path for creating the life we desire. Its unique approach—based in Sai Maa’s teachings—brings together ancient wisdom from the East, Hebrew mysticism, and esoteric work with modern methods of conscious evolution—making the transformative power of spiritual wisdom accessible and practical for our daily lives.

VidAlineada (meaning aligned life in Spanish) offers transformational programs, meditation retreats, and spiritual coaching based on the teachings of Sai Maa in South America. Founded and directed by Sai Maa Brahmacharini, Shree Devi Maa, VidAlineada offers knowledge and training in Self-Mastery practices to align mind, emotions, and consciousness with the expression of one’s greatest inner potential. VidAlineada’s main center, the Centro Sai Maa, is located in Santiago, Chile.

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