Awakened Body

Pause, rejuvenate and illuminate your beautiful sacred body


Feeling stressed and keep finding yourself giving into old unhealthy habits again and again?

  • Uncomfortable in your own body?
  • Fatigued, lethargic and yearning for more energy?
  • Take a sigh of relief…By the end of this weekend you’ll be back home in your beautiful comfy skin…present, joyfully inter-connected, loving your inspired life and moving forward freely.

Pause, exhale and enter the sacred temple – your body!

Awakened Body is a weekend program that brings you deeper into your body. As your mind settles, muscles relax and creativity wakes up, we’ll come together to celebrate and experience your vibrantly alive body. Awaken the powerful resource and the trustworthy vehicle that your body truly is. Discover how to live a joyful, unbounded and vibrant life.

 With expert guidance and support, explore ways to drop old unhealthy habits that have been affecting your well being for way too long. Wake up to your body’s natural abundance that continually moves towards health, moment by moment.

Enjoy delicious healthy food, laughter and lots of Aha moments.

The Schedule

Friday 7pm – 10pm: Arrive, relax and connect as we settle into our peaceful weekend.

Saturday beginning at 10am: The day will begin with gentle movement and deep meditations to bring Light and Presence into every cell of the body. Continue with teachings, explorations, insights and plenty of time to let the creative juices flow.

Saturday 7pm – 10pm:  Dinner Pause

Sunday 10am – 1pm: We complete our time together equipped with plenty of resources to be present, flexible and balanced in our body and ready to move forward in our lives.

Your Investment

$297 for the entire weekend retreat


What You’ll Get

  • 18 hours of creative exploration – liberate, illuminate and enjoy your uniquely inspired Life.
  • Plus – Abundant, delicious & healthy snacks, lunch & dinner.


“I loved the Awakened Body weekend! It was cozy, heartfelt, glorious and gracefully led by Lalita (and Melissa) – a weekend of exploring the feminine creative capacity. All with mindful presence to relax into what is our natural state of being… being love and a movement of love. I ended the weekend feeling love and loved, more whole and more freedom to just be Me.”

Sat Nam Khalsa

“Our weekend was full of beauty and abundance as we utilized our bodies to explore our Divine Self. I really began to understand how to listen to my body and let it lead me as I moved and created in new and surprising ways.”

Kari Sealand

“Being with such a wonderful group of people, spending time dancing, exploring my own creativity, playing together, and being in nature was a powerfully transformative experience that activated a new joy and freedom of expression in my life!”

Julia Afridi

Meet Your Facilitators

Lalita Shree Maa

A life-long avid student of nutrition, health, and energetic healing, Lalita Shree Maa has been a teacher for Sai Maa for over 10 years and is a member of Sai Maa’s monastic order. As a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and Soma Source Practitioner, she has more than a decade of experience in Somatic psychotherapy with an emphasis on healing trauma. Lalita is also an artist, musician, and loves to dance and spend time in nature.
Lalita Shree Maa is passionate about guiding people to listen deeply to their own bodies and expand their creative capacities to uncover the innate health and wholeness available within.

Melissa Matson

Melissa’s story is simple – she has always loved to dance. After some very uninteresting college years, she surrendered to the inevitable and moved to New York City to dance professionally. In those years she met, studied and performed with one Postmodern legend after another – her relationship to theater, dance and creativity were blown wide open.

Alexander technique, somatic therapy, meditation and dance are the 4 pillars of her work – whether she is teaching in universities, at international dance festivals or in her home studio in Evanston, IL.

Come Join Us!

For This Special Weekend of Sacred Fun and Divinely Creative Play!

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