Birthday Yagyas
Your Birthday is an Important Day

The 24 hours of your birthday can be a powerful time for increasing the potential for transformation and manifestation. Offered specifically for you on your birthday, the Birthday Yagya is performed to clear discordant energies and grant long life, health, and wealth. During your yagya, Vedic pundits (priests) recite particular mantras for your soul to serve you in all aspects of your life.

A Truly Special Gift
A Sai Maa Yagya performed on your behalf is a truly transformational experience, because as an energetic spiritual master, Sai Maa works with the sacred fire to bless and heal you.
Birthday Yagyas
Your Birthday Yagya Experience
Personalized Attention

Personalized Attention

5 pundits (priests) perform a
2-hour fire ceremony, entirely focused on you. This focus empowers your soul’s evolution and activates health, prosperity, and success in your life.

Bringing the Yagya to You

Bringing the Yagya to You

As the pundits perform your personal yagya, you are invited to watch the entire ceremony live on zoom while receiving photos and recordings in a Telegram channel. You’ll then be emailed a recording and photos of your yagya to continue to work with this powerful energy.

Sai Maa’s Energetic Work

Sai Maa’s Energetic Work

Sai Maa receives your name and yagya date and offers powerful energetic work with you using the power of the sacred fire.

Aligning with Your Destiny

Aligning with Your Destiny

The birthday yagya is an opportunity for Sai Maa to work with your destiny. We invite you to reflect on your year ahead and determine where you wish to direct this energy of transformation and manifestation. Learn more. 

Sai Maa Birthday Yagya


Includes a zoom link to watch the yagya live, a private Telegram Channel where the staff post pictures and videos of the yagya, and an audio recording of the full Yagya emailed to you 48 hours after the ceremony.

To ensure all arrangements are made accordingly, we request you register for your Birthday Yagya at least 2 weeks in advance. For registrations received within 3 days of your birthday, we will do everything possible to schedule the yagya on your birthday, but cannot guarantee it.

What Yagya Participants Are Saying

I feel like I was at the ashram in India live during her yagya. I feel very cared for by all of the people who I spoke with during the experience.

– Veronica Hruby

I experienced the yagya as very powerful and I am so truly blessed that I can tap into it for the whole year.

– Vivian Kaempfen

Before the yagya I was feeling emotionally & mentally depleted. I noticed a shift in my energy to a positive experience after the yagya.

– Cynthia Lehman

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I gift a birthday yagya to someone else?
Yes! This is the greatest gift you can give someone on their birthday!
Is there anything specific I need to do to prepare for the yagya?
There are no requirements.
How do I get the most out of my birthday yagya?
We recommend that you block off time in your schedule to be fully present during the time of the yagya. This is a great time to offer anything to the sacred fire to be transmuted. You may choose to reflect on your intention for the yagya ahead of time. The main thing is to be open to receive these divine blessings.
Birthday Yagyas

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