Step Into Alignment with Your Destiny

The birthday yagya is an opportunity for Sai Maa to work with your destiny. We invite you to reflect on your year ahead and determine where you wish to direct this energy of transformation and manifestation. Stating your intention will be included as part of your registration process and will be shared with Sai Maa.

How to Write an Intention (sankalpa)

Here are a few instructions to help.


    1. Take time to contemplate the year ahead. Feel and imagine what you are yearning to manifest in your life this upcoming year.
    2. Focus on one specific outcome in any domain of your life (eg: your spiritual evolution, a specific achievement in your career, success in a new field of study, health of the physical body).
    3. Write your intention as an instruction, beginning with a verb in the command form (eg: Elevate, expand, anchor, create, manifest). The more specific the better.
    4. Write your intention in a maximum of 10 words. Here are some examples:
      • Elevate my consciousness
      • Balance my immune system
      • Embrace life with joy and devotion
      • Empower my health and vitality

    Helpful Tip 

    When you look at your intention, ask yourself, is this an intention you can take action on inwardly and outwardly?

    Keep Things Simple 

    If we feel your Sankalpa is not clear, we will provide suggestions. In order for Sai Maa to do the work, the intention must be clear and concise.

    For more information on setting and working with intentions, we invite you to view this section of the yagya webinar recorded by Ananta Das Maharaj.

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