Business Yagyas
Create a Path to Success with Sai Maa Business Yagyas

Overcome hurdles to success, invoke prosperity, and facilitate expansion in your business through a Yagya, during which Vedic pundits (priests) recite specific mantras to empower your business’s prosperity.

Your Personal Yagya Experience
Personalized attention

Personalized attention

5 pundits (priests) perform a 2-hour fire ceremony, entirely focused on you. This focus activates prosperity and success in your business.
Bringing the Yagya to you

Bringing the Yagya to you

As the pundits perform your personal yagya, you are invited to watch the entire ceremony live on zoom while receiving photos and recordings in a Telegram channel. You’ll then be emailed a recording and photos of your yagya to continue to work with this powerful energy.
Sai Maa’s energetic Work

Sai Maa’s energetic Work

Sai Maa receives your name and yagya date and offers powerful energetic work with you using the power of the sacred fire.

The cost of a Business Yagya is based on the number of owners.

One Owner – $1,080 
Two Owners – $2,160 
Three Owners – $3,240 
Four Owners – $4,320 
Five Owners – $5,400 

A Growing, Prosperous Business Yagya Series – $4,320 
This yagya series includes a self-owned business yagya for each quarter of the year, 4 in total. The yagya staff supports and guides you in refining the focus and timing of each Sai Maa Yagya for maximum impact.

What People are Saying about Sai Maa Business Yagyas

I had a lot of fear instilled within me which held me back for many years, and through these Yagyas, the fear has been transmuted and my consciousness has elevated to a level far beyond what I could have imagined and I feel so empowered as a result.

– Surinder

After several months and lots of effort, I was unable to land a new job. I felt there was a block and decided to get a yagya for career success. Within two days of the Yagya, I got an offer from my ideal company!

– David Harrington

Business Yagya

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