Business Yagyas
Sai Maa Business Yagyas

Overcome hurdles to success, invoke prosperity, and facilitate expansion in your business through a Yagya, during which Vedic pundits (priests) recite specific mantras to empower your business’s prosperity.

The cost of a Business Yagya is based on the number of owners.

One Owner – $1,080 
Two Owners – $2,160 
Three Owners – $3,240 
Four Owners – $4,320 
Five Owners – $5,400 

A Growing, Prosperous Business Yagya Series – $4,320 
This yagya series includes a self-owned business yagya for each quarter of the year, 4 in total. The yagya staff supports and guides you in refining the focus and timing of each Sai Maa Yagya for maximum impact.

I had a lot of fear instilled within me which held me back for many years, and through these Yagyas, the fear has been transmuted and my consciousness has elevated to a level far beyond what I could have imagined and I feel so empowered as a result.
- Surinder

After several months and lots of effort, I was unable to land a new job. I felt there was a block and decided to get a yagya for career success. Within two days of the Yagya, I got an offer from my ideal company!
- David Harrington

Business Yagyas
Business Yagyas
Business Yagyas

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