How to Include Celebration of Life in Your Estate Planning

Sai Maa has repeatedly emphasized the importance of freeing ourselves in life by preparing for our death. If you are contemplating including a Celebration of Life Ceremony in your estate planning, please consider these important points:
  • Plan for a Cremation
    The ashes (or a portion of the ashes) of the departed are required to perform a Celebration of Life Ceremony, therefore the ceremony is only available for those who choose to be cremated. The cremation can take place anywhere in the world, after which the ashes will need to be brought to India. Please note: someone must bring the ashes to India; they cannot be shipped.
  • Designate an Executor and Representative
    You will need to designate a person or multiple people to organize the preparation for the ceremony including: overseeing the cremation, transporting the ashes to India, and being the representative during your ceremony.
  • Allocate Funds
    From a karmic point of view, it is best for the funds for the Celebration of Life Ceremony to come from the finances of the deceased or a close family member. Sai Maa encourages us to set aside funds now to cover all associated costs of whatever end-of-life services we may choose. If you choose to allocate funds for a Celebration of Life Ceremony to be performed in your honor, you are encouraged to also consider the additional costs of travel and accommodation for your representative. Please note that the cost of the ceremony is subject to change over time.

Download a complete checklist of the details you will need to specify, in order to include the Celebration of Life Ceremony in your estate planning.

Important note: The Office of Sai Maa will only take registration for a Celebration of Life Ceremony once someone has passed away. If you choose to make plans for this ceremony to be offered after your passing, the required action is to include it in your estate planning. There is no need to inform the Office of Sai Maa at the time of planning.

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