Conscious Bio Healing
Conscious Bio Healing

Sai Maa has not aged along the typical path. Maa has been deliberately, consciously using Maa’s body as a laboratory for cellular rejuvenation for years. For the first time, Maa is bringing this inner work out to us!

In this 21-day online Master Class designed to transform our physicality, Maa will be working directly with us on how to intentionally reprogram our cellular structure, guiding our cells towards health and longevity. This work will be intense and will move at high velocity.

What this Master Class includes:

  • Two video discourses and 10 audios from Sai Maa in which you will receive esoteric knowledge, energy activations, and guidance to move from the lie of death into the knowledge of eternal life and radiant health.
  • Learning from 11 doctors who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of medicine, combined with years of intensive study with Sai Maa, in addition to Mahamandaleshwar & guest teachers. 
  • Discovering the joy of living in this awe-inspiring temple that is your body.
  • How to transform your relationship with your physicality to embody your Perfect Body.
  • Understanding your anatomy and physiology, allowing you to work with the light with precision in bringing health and longevity to your cells.
  • Sai Maa’s energetic work with you, supporting the activation of your Perfect Body, cellular reprogramming, and so much more!
  • Guided meditations for daily practice to support you in embodying your Perfect Body, including the ability to download these to your devices.
  • A pre-recorded Satsang (community gathering) to discuss and workshop what we are learning.
  • A private facebook group and telegram group to draw support from one another.
  • Access to all recorded content for 6 months.
  • And more!
Are you ready? Requirements for participation: you must be –
  • Dedicated to do the work
  • Willing to drop old beliefs regarding aging, genealogy, your body’s limitations, etc.
  • Ready to recalibrate your entire physicality

General tuition: $695*

Youth (25 and under) 50% off tuition

Special pricing available for Grand Design Members.
Contact for details

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