Chanting with Sai Maa
Chanting with H.H. Sai Maa is an extraordinary experience.

Because of Sai Maa’s level of energetic mastery as a Guru and an enlightened master, Sai Maa radiates a frequency when Maa chants that expands everyone and everything around. When Maa sings a line of chant and the community chants back to Maa joyfully in call-and-response style, each singer moves into a higher frequency where we can experience ourselves as the bliss of our natural state. When we chant with Sai Maa in our homes (because of COVID-19), we have the rare opportunity to raise the frequency in our houses and neighborhoods, while offering all those around an expanded, elevated state and sense of joy.

How to ChantHow to Chant Mantras with Sai Maa

Our best advice – just go for it! Breathe deeply, turn up the volume of your computer and your voice, and sing from your heart. It may take a minute to learn the melody and the text, but don’t let that get in the way of your exuberant expression. Even if you don’t have a translation for the chant, the words will vibrate through you and activate your brain, cells, muscles, blood — all of you — and usher you into a more receptive state where light can easily fill your body.

Personal Benefits of Chanting

There are many ways that chanting uplifts and even heals you. Chanting slows down your brain and allows your “monkey mind” to rest, similar to the experience of meditation and yoga. According to the teachings of Sai Maa, “When we chant the mind is resting. The mind cannot compete with the devotion, with the love and the chanting.” Because the mind is quiet, we move along our spiritual path more quickly. Sai Maa also shares that, even though we are chanting with Maa, we are actually chanting to ourselves, to our soul and this devotion is transformational.

Chanting allows you to go more deeply into your heart to remember your natural state of bliss. It reminds you that this state is available in every moment. Scientists have analyzed chants and determined that mantras are energy-based sounds. When a mantra is chanted rhythmically, it creates a positive neuro-linguistic effect, even if the singer doesn’t know the meaning of the mantra.

The Power of Chanting

The Power of Chanting Explained by H.H. Sai Maa

Ahhh… the moment of chanting. In the path of Bhakti (devotion) chanting has a great role.


Chanting Dates
Join us for chanting with Sai Maa

Ignite Your Profound Life –
A Global Unity Gathering

December 16-19, 2021


The Ancient Practice of Chanting Mantras

The devotional chanting of mantras originated thousands of years ago in India. Yogis demonstrated their devotion to God by chanting the names of the Divine as embodied by Hindu gods and goddesses such as Ram, Kali, Rama, Shiva, Durga, Krishna, Ganesha, and Lakshmi. The word mantra comes from two Sanskrit words – manas (mind) and tra (tool) which means that a mantra is literally a “tool for the mind” to access a higher power and your true nature. Singing or chanting a mantra increases the vibration of an already powerful practice.

Here are a few of the mantras we often chant with Sai Maa:

Om Gan Ganapataye Namo Namah

Salutations to the remover of obstacles

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo

I bow to the Creative Wisdom, I bow to the Divine Teacher within

Om Namah Shivaya

I honor the pure consciousness that I am, again and again

Kali Bolo Kali Bolo Bolo Bolo Ma

Sing (the name of) Kali. Sing it! Sing it! Sing it!

Call on Ma!/Call on the Divine Mother!

Meet H.H. Sai Maa
Honored as a living saint and the first female Jagadguru in more than 2,700 years of the Vishnuswami lineage, Sai Maa carries a fierce yet tender love for all of humankind. She’s known for her elegance and grace; however it’s Maa’s refreshing candor and piercing vision that often inspires profound personal transformation.
Chanting with Sai Maa
If you are looking to add chanting with Kirtan artists to your daily spiritual practice, the music on this playlist is a great place to start.
Gobinda Hari – Snatam Kaur
Radhe Govinda – Krishna Das
Om Namah Shivaya – Deva Premal
Jai Ma – Wah!
Alleluia – Robert Gass & On Wings of Song
Jagadambe Ma – Ed & Jo

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