What is Aarti?

Aarti is the Hindu religious ritual of worship, or puja, in which light is offered to a deity or guru. The light is usually in the form of a flame from an oil lamp, or jyot. It is traditionally made from cotton wicks and mustard oil or ghee. During the ritual, a metal plate containing candles is held up and passed around a person or deity to confer praise and honor. Other objects placed on the plate may include flowers, rice, or incense. The word aarti may also refer to the devotional song that is sung as part of the ritual.

What Happens During Aarti?

The practice of aarti (or arti) is believed to be derived from Vedic fire rituals in which objects representing the elements of the earth are incorporated. Traditionally, a flower represents the earth, the oil lamp represents fire, a peacock fan represents air, a yak-tail fan represents space, and water represents itself. In the ceremony, all the materials of creation are offered to God. The light of the fire allows viewers to understand God’s divine form and immaterial yet constant presence.

Aarti is typically performed three times a day – once at dawn, once at dusk, and once in the evening. It is often done as part of puja, or worship. During aarti, devotees wave an oil lamp or camphor flame in front of the deity while singing devotional songs. The flickering light is believed to represent the divine presence of the deity.

Why do we do Aarti?

The purpose of aarti differs depending on the intention of those involved. For example, it can be performed to show respect to elders, pray to deities, bless objects, or express gratitude and love. During the ceremony, the participants state their intentions and prayers silently in their hearts.

Aarti is also seen as a way to thank the deity for their blessings and to ask for their continued guidance and protection. For Hindus, aarti is a sacred ritual that helps to strengthen one’s connection with the divine. No matter what form it takes, aarti is always an act of reverence and devotion. It is a way to show our gratitude to the divine forces that guide and protect us.

How to Offer Aarti?

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