What is Dakshina?

Dakshina is an offering, often monetary, given to the Guru or Teacher as a way to honor the Guru as the source of grace and highest knowledge. The giving of dakshina is a sign of gratitude, acknowledgement, and respect for helping the student grow and develop. It is often given after a ritual or a period of education.

When Should Dakshina be Given?

Dakshina is often given to teachers as a form of gratitude or respect. There are no definitive rules about when or how much dakshina should be given, but it is generally accepted that it should be given at the end of a class or when the teacher has imparted some knowledge or wisdom. In some cases, dakshina may also be given as a form of thanks for a service rendered. For example, if someone helps you move house, you may offer them dakshina as a way of expressing your gratitude. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide when and how much dakshina to give.

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