What is Divine Feminine?

Divine Feminine is the energy and qualities of the Divine Mother within — the essence of all creation. It is a universal energy that we all carry within us and express through the qualities of love, compassion, wisdom, and forgiveness.

Divine feminine can take on many different forms. Some common characteristics of divine feminine energy include compassion, caring, tenderness, creativity, and a connection to nature. This energy is often associated with the moon and the element of water. When someone is in touch with their divine feminine energy, they may feel heart-centered, creative, and connected to the natural world around them.

What Happens When You Awaken Your Divine Feminine?

When you awaken your divine feminine, you open yourself up to a whole new level of consciousness. You become more aware of your own power and potential, and you start to see the world through new eyes. You may find yourself attracted to new things and people, and you may start to feel more connected to nature. Your relationships may change, and you may start to feel more connected to your own body and intuition. You may also start to experience new levels of self-expression. As you awaken your divine feminine, you become more in touch with your authentic self, and you start to live a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

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