What is HealthSpan?

HealthSpan is the period of life spent in vibrant health, free from the chronic diseases of aging.

Focusing on HealthSpan vs Lifespan

Imagine living a life that is full of vibrancy and without the challenges of aging and chronic illness, where you experience life through a body and mind that work together in harmony. Past and future parts of ourselves can be healed and expressed in a more prosperous present. And we can increase our life expectancy. This is healthspan and it is what’s possible for us now.

The growing awareness of healthspan is a natural progression in human consciousness at this time. We don’t just want to be “not sick;” we want to be more alive, able to live longer, more fully, with increased stress resistance. Living longer doesn’t sound as enticing unless it’s in a happy, healthy body. That’s why healthspan and longevity must come in tandem. Turning our attention towards maximizing healthspan takes into consideration all levels of well-being and opens up the heart and mind to a new reality of being.

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