What is the I AM Presence?

I AM is the highest dimension of our being and represents the first projection of individuality from Source. The Presence is all the pure qualities of Source in its perfection. As we are the Presence in our essence, these pure qualities are our natural state of being.

What is the Importance of the I AM Principle?

The I AM principle is a key tenet of Hinduism. It states that the individual self is identical to the universal Self. This principle is often expressed in the popular Hindu saying, “I am That (or Brahman).”

This principle is important because it emphasizes the unity of all beings. We are all connected at a deep level, and what we do to ourselves, we do to others. This principle also teaches us to see the divinity in all beings, including ourselves. When we realize our true nature, we can tap into our own innate wisdom and power. We can also better understand and respect the beliefs and practices of others.

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