What is Mother Divine?

In the yogic tradition, Mother Divine is often thought of as the supreme energy that creates and sustains all of existence. She is sometimes referred to as “Adi Shakti” or “Parvati.”  The Mother Divine energy is often seen as being both loving and powerful and as having the ability to transform our lives.

Some people believe that we can connect with Mother Divine through meditation or prayer and that doing so can help us to heal emotionally and spiritually. Others may see her as an embodiment of love, compassion, and wisdom.

Who is Called the Divine Mother?

There are many names for the Divine Mother, depending on which tradition you follow. She is sometimes called the Great Mother, the World Mother, or the Cosmic Mother. In Hinduism, she is known as Shakti, the creative force that drives the universe. She is also known as Maya, the illusory power that keeps us trapped in illusion, and as Kali Ma, the dark goddess who represents death and destruction.

In Buddhism, the Divine Mother is called Tara. She is the goddess of compassion who offers protection from suffering and sorrow. In China, she is known as Kwan Yin, the goddess of mercy and compassion.

No matter what name you use, the Divine Mother is a powerful symbol of feminine energy, creativity, and love. She represents the nurturing side of nature that gives life and sustains all beings. She is a force for good, but she also has a dark side that represents death and destruction. The Divine Mother is both loving and fierce, compassionate and powerful. She is a complex figure who embodies the many facets of the female experience.

How to connect to Mother Divine?

There are many ways to connect with Mother Divine. Some may choose to meditate on her energy or connect with her through prayer or ritual. Others may find that they are able to connect more deeply through art, dance, or music. However you choose to connect, the important thing is that you do so from a place of love and respect.

When connecting with Mother Divine, it is important to remember that she is a powerful being who can help us to achieve our highest potential. It is also important to approach her with an open heart and mind, as she will be able to see into our deepest desires and secrets. If we approach her with humility and sincerity, she will be sure to guide us on our journey towards enlightenment.

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