What is a Siddha?

​​Siddha is a Sanskrit word that means “one who has attained perfection”. There are many different types of Siddha, each with their own unique abilities and knowledge. In Hinduism, Siddha is used to refer to those who have achieved enlightenment or self-realization. In Buddhism, Siddha refers to those who have attained nirvana. There are also Jain Siddhas and Sikh Gurus who are considered to be enlightened beings.

The Siddhas have traditionally been a secretive group, sharing their knowledge only with those who they felt were ready to receive it. This has led to much speculation about the true nature of their powers and abilities. Some say that the Siddhas are able to levitate, walk on water, and even fly. Others say that they have the power to heal the sick and perform other miracles. The Siddhas are said to be able to achieve anything they desire, simply by using the power of their thoughts.

Siddha is also a term used in Indian medicine, which refers to a person who has attained complete mastery of the body’s healing energies. Siddha practitioners use a variety of techniques to restore health and balance in the body, mind, and spirit. These may include massage, herbal remedies, meditation, and yoga.

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