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Are you ready to make deep, lasting changes in your life? The global Awakened Life movement features empowering events, community gatherings, holiday celebrations, volunteer opportunities, and profound online courses—all designed to help you access the creative energy of the divine feminine—called Shakti in the Hindu tradition—that makes powerful transformation possible.

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Shiva Nights

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Meet the Source of Awakened Life

H. H. Sai Maa’s 2019 Tour

Tokyo, Japan April 6-14
  • Darshan with Sai Maa     
    Darshan is an intimate experience of divine presence brought about through a moment shared with an enlightened master.
  • The Nobility of Women
     Exploring the unlimited Love and Nobility that we truly are, this program invites us to tap into the power of the Divine Feminine which will lead the planet to its transformation. Online participation available.
  • Creation Matrix Weekend Intensive
    Sai Maa invites us to the realm of a new paradigm for the world in a new dimension, to the Creation Matrix, the Source of all creation and beings. Online participation available.



Osaka, Japan September 28-October 6

  • Sai Maa to visit Osaka, Japan.  

    More information coming soon


Naples, Florida December 5-8

  • Awakened Life Global Unity Gathering
    Join the Awakened Life global community for a 4-day immersion into the next level of your Awakened Life. Be filled with joy, expansion, knowledge, and community as people come from around the world with a common vision—to manifest an Awakened Humanity.

    More information coming soon

Awakened Life Programs

Find out what our institute has to offer and learn more about our upcoming programs.


Awaken the Power Within: An introduction to Meditation

Learn the powerful Pillar of Light Meditation technique to turbo charge your current or beginning meditation practice.
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Fundamental Shift: From Striving to Fulfillment

Go from a life of striving to a life of fulfillment in this short introductory workshop. Discover how to manifest what is most meaningful to you and open to the opportunity to be anchored in an unshakeable peace, even in the midst of chaos.
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Power of Patterns

Discover a simple, powerful tool to transform your deeply held habits, thoughts, and behaviors and liberate yourself from patterns that sabotage your life.
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Profound Healing

Release the emotional charges and energetic wounds you’ve been carrying your entire life in this three-day immersion program.
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Ultimate Reality

Explore the realm of unified consciousness beyond duality, beyond the veil, into the Ultimate Reality to experience yourself as a multidimensional being.
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Shiva Nights

Take an extraordinary journey into the pure space and infinite expansion of Lord Shiva, the transformer of concepts, ego, and boundaries that block our experience and awareness of the Infinite.
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Profound Union

Spouses and committed partners discover a new depth of intimacy and love, where the relationship serves as a gateway to a profound union with yourself, your partner, and the Divine.

Profound Awakening

In the sacred space of the soul awakening, enter a new relationship with your own divinity, as you become aware of seeing, walking, and speaking as a soul.

Global Unity Gathering

Join Sai Maa and the Awakened Life global community for a 4-day immersive event as people come from around the world with a common vision—to manifest an Awakened Humanity.


40 Days with Sai Maa

Jumpstart your transformation anytime, anywhere. Tune in online and receive the daily teachings and practices from Sai Maa, who works energetically to help you remember who you truly are.
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40 Days of Light

40 Days with Sai Maa is a prerequisite for taking this online course, where Sai Maa guides you to the next level of transformation.
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The Power in Your Minds

Learn how to shift your perspectives on deeply held beliefs no longer  serving you and apply this new way of being to your daily life decisions in this six-month course.
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Piercing the Veil

Transmissions for Awakening with the Mahamandaleshwar
In this nine-week online course, the Mahamandaleshwar will share the timeless teachings of Sanatan Dharma, as well as energetic transmissions for new states of awakened consciousness.

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Other Experiences

Other Experiences

Birthday Yagyas

Enhance transformation or manifestation. Sponsor Vedic pundits (priests) who recite particular mantras for your soul to clear discordant energies or grant health or wealth.
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Navaratri Yagyas

Remove obstacles in your life, receive abundance, and remain focused on your spiritual enlightenment with three sets of yagyas (sacred fire ceremonies) offered during the Hindu holiday of Navaratri.
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Spiritual Coaching

Find out what our institute has to offer and learn more about our upcoming programs.

Spiritual coaching may help you:

  • Develop an enriching daily sadhana (spiritual discipline)
  • Shift limiting patterns to create lasting change in your experience of life
  • Expand the experience and expression of your true spiritual essence
  • Address life’s challenges from a spiritual dimension
  • Move beyond feeling stuck and stagnated to discover passion and vitality for creating the life you want
  • Experience elevated states of consciousness in your daily life
  • Align your life choices and actions with your soul purpose

Each session is 45-60 minutes and conducted with your chosen coach over the phone or via Skype.


Dave Miller

“I’ve learned that when I change my perception of a situation, a person, or thing, my experience changes. Instead of automatically reacting to a situation, I am pausing, observing, going within, and listening to my higher faculties, and taking an action of alignment appropriate to the situation. This activity is shaping how I perceive life’s interactions and how I feel about myself… I feel free.”

Ashley W.

“The value of having Maa’s Shakti [Energy] in my world, in my awareness every day for six months is tremendous. There is so much energy and support being poured into me to activate my higher mental faculties. It’s like no other program. Even though we aren’t with Maa physically, the power is really present.”

Ankit Chander

“The Power in Your Minds course is giving me the realization that I have the power to write my life as I want.”

Cynthia Mischka

“Having the knowledge of how our minds work has helped me navigate the world better.”

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