2021 Grand Design Membership
“It is a phenomenal time. This is my time for my work. This is my work on planet Earth. It is a rise of consciousness. Your Soul, your frequency, ready to merge with you to show you you are a multidimensional being. That is why I wish to create a membership system so I can communicate with you regularly, giving you no time to forget who you are.” -H.H. Sai Maa
The Grand Design Membership is for dedicated students who wish to participate in an engaged community, quantum learning, and join H.H. Sai Maa on the cutting edge of Maa’s energetic work. Enjoy numerous benefits, including exclusive content from Maa, special rates for programs, boutique specials and more.

Grand Design Membership includes:

  • Entering an energetic vortex in which to engage in expanded, ever-evolving work directly with Maa
  • Instant telegrams/recordings to you for important time-sensitive messages as evolutionary events happen
  • Maa wishes to know and be in communication when there is an emergency in your life, such as someone is transitioning 
  • Member rates for selected programs & products (see details below)
  • A number of gifted online programs including Creation Matrix ($495 value), 40 days with Maa ($144 value), and 40 days of Light ($144 value).
  • Priority registration for program launches and tours 
  • Continued access to all 2020 Grand Design call recordings AND all 2020 Shakti Call recordings.

“I have a whole universe of ideas in me.” -Sai Maa

Annual Membership fee $1,008 USD
Member Rates for Programs & Courses
See current member rates below. As new programs are launched, the member rate will be announced. There will also be special member-only product pricing offers throughout the year.
Current Courses Standard TuitionMember price
Online Courses
A New Mindset for an Unbounded Reality$400$300
Conscious Bio Healing$695$195
The Power in Your Minds$3,300$2,500
The Power in Your Minds Reviewer Rate$1,650$1,000
Creation Matrix$495GIFTED
40 Days with Maa$144GIFTED
40 Days of Light$144GIFTED
Power of Patterns$108$76
Global Unity Gathering Online$595$440
Profound Awakening Online$800$550
Profound Healing$795$597
Profound Union Online$3,000$2,900
Magdalena Practitioner Program $3,500$3,200
  • Does my member rate apply to programs I’ve already registered into? (Global Unity Gathering, Advanced Journeys, Power in Your Minds) 
    The Member Program Rate is only applicable for new programs you register into after becoming a member. 
  • Do you offer a payment plan?
    No, we do not offer a payment plan.
  • Will I be able to automatically stay in the membership for next year?
    Yes, your membership will automatically renew year after year, as long as the membership is in effect, unless you choose to cancel it.
  • What is the cut off date to register for 2021?
    There is no cut off date. You may register at any time, keeping in mind your registration will only be applicable until December 31st, 2021. You will have access to all member content from the entire year.
  • What if I register later in the year?
    You will have access to all content previously offered to the members.
  • If I register later in the year will it roll into 2022?
    No, the current membership is only valid until December 31st, 2021.

  • Will there be a membership in 2022?
    We don’t know yet. Sai Maa is a creative dynamic movement.
    Annual Membership fee $1,008 USD

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